• Is it easy for you to have a conversation?
    A real conversation, not "hows the weather" and "what are you doing" kind of conversation. I feel like I don't even know what a real conversation even is anymore.
    How do you make an actual conversation with people?

  • @OliveOlivia For me starting a conversation is easy, you know like I can discuss million of things if someone is interested however when I don't get that I'm listening to you vibes from that person then...that's when it becomes awkward. I guess I then think too much on what to say and what not to. A happening conversation for me is only possible if the other person gets into it too else the conversation is a definite goner!

  • @OliveOlivia I like to find common interest first before convo or something idk common interest find us 😂 . but yeah most of the time having conversation with new person is hard but I have experience way to easy sometimes
    well I got some secret tips in sleeves 😛

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    No it is not AT ALL easy for me to carry on with a conversation. It mostly dries out after a good start and gets awkward for the both of us. Im not-so-good in having one-to-one conversations on the internet too.

    But I know one thing about good conversations. They have to be meaningful not lengthy :D

  • @OliveOlivia It's best to be methodical, and not mess around. People will respect that. Just stand in front of the punter and start listing all the things you like, and tell them to stop you when they hear something they'd like to have a conversation about. Even if there's nothing on yr list, they'll have had a free piece of performance art, at which point you can demand payment.

  • I have the conversational skills of a half empty bottle of ranch dressing so i wouldn't know

  • @OliveOlivia Weather's warm like you. It's a little humid, smells like your papaya extract conditioner.
    I've been thinking of you all day. What have you been upto?

  • @Indrid-Cold And even if they do find something they like you can still say it was art and demand payment :)

  • what is a conversation?

  • You start to listen. To really listen. It's not as easy as it sounds. If you do that, people will tell you the most amazing things. You know that having someone who listens to what you say is actually a pretty rare thing, a luxury even? That's the reason why people CRAVE it like crazy. Only that most people cannot truly listen. They only listen until there is a moment when the idea that just popped into their head fits into the conversation and then they spout it out!

    Now I sound like I know what I'm talking about don't I? :sweat_smile: But the truth is, I'm also having a hard time making conversations like that happen. I've had a few though like this, so I know that what I wrote up there is real. But it is kinda hard, especially for someone like me :joy:

  • @OliveOlivia said in Conversations...:

    Is it easy for you to have a conversation?

    Yes and no.
    It's very easy to have deep and meaningfull with certain people and the conversations can vary and cross different subject and never get boring but no, that's not common and I often find my conversations be about the weather or what they are doing... :shrug:
    Let's say that I rather have a small group of different interests and I go to them whenver I wanna have a conversation I want and have it right there... Wanna talk about sports - gym buddies, wanna talk about work - work buddies, wanna talk about life - closest friends but someone that can have all that + weather talks are very very rare and should be treasured...

  • @no-u Hit me!

  • @1-618
    hit done xD

  • @no-u What are your secret tips?

  • @Sup Do you think two people can have a good conversation without meaning?
    why do you think makes you bad at conversations ?😂

  • @OliveOlivia
    well I never share my secrets in public 😂

  • @血液-酔っ said in Conversations...:

    what is a conversation?

    That's what I'm trying to figure out 😂

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    It's not that hard to have an actual conversation. The hard part is finding someone who actually wants to hear what you have to say and really does listen to the context of what you are trying to convey.
    Then of course for it to be an actual conversation you in turn need to do the same thing in return for them. I've had conversations that were so profound that some lasted a few days before any resolvement came about. Usually those were extremely saturated with copious amounts of alcohol. But some subjects bring about strong feelings and opinions and those generate the best conversations I think.

  • @血液-酔っ said in Conversations...:

    @petrapark3r hell the what

    Active listening, but more than that, empathic listening. It's a skill. It's like the color blue. If you've never seen it yourself, nobody can explain it to you :shrug:

  • @petrapark3r he ho caprain jack im iliteritare

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