• Whether it be your country's culture, internet subcultures, racial subcultures, whatever, do you think it's important to adhere to cultural norms?

  • Absolutely yes. It is the backbone (or so it should be) of our society. Culture is everything. It identifies us, it is past, present and helps us to build our future. Cultur eliminates distrust and fear. It is a weapon, the only weapon that should be used to build a better future for all.

  • @Shardana what if you don't agree with certain aspects of your culture/ feel like you are being held back?

  • @Merlin-James I don't think so. Considering the objectivity of religion in comparison to culture, and the empowerment for individuals practising it, I would say religion is more important and powerful than culture

  • @Merlin-James the only culture I know is culture of humanity . Humanity is religion , culture and all that God wants human to adhere .

  • @Merlin-James
    No. Culture is important, but it is not binding. Certainly the cultural norms present some differences, but the culture itself is not static .. and it has always been important for the evolution of societies. Strssa culture is evolution. I always look at everything with curiosity, without prejudice, I am led to think, rather than to judge, to ask more than to find answers. The culture itself in any society is not limiting are the corporate dogmas .. a legacy of superstition and religion mixed together. Knowledge helps to understand, where ignorance has doubts and hinders any culture. So I still think not, no cultural norm is binding in itself.
    I always think it's up to the individual to make good use of our cultural heritage :)