• I'm in a relationship which doesn't make me happy but I can't leave it. If I do I won't get to see my son. I he's only a baby and I'll miss so much.

    I want to feel loved though and I don't. I'm always being belittled and shouted at. I've been lied to and talked down to.

    When I bring up my issues with the accused of calling her a bitch and how I'm attacking her.

    I want someone new. Someone I deserve. I don't know how to get from here to there...

    Please help!

    If you want to ask me anything please do that too.

  • You just gotta deal with it, leave it or work it out. Also I won't give you any unsolicited advice about HOW to go about it, 7 billion ppl on this planet with their unique ways, you must have your own.
    Ofc someone can help you get through the shit but you have to row the boat.
    But yeah if it helps, just know that it will be fine, because sometimes I personally feel the need to hear someone say it to me- It will be fine.

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