• ok: quarantine was the best fucking thing to happen to me. ever. it was the spring, so it wasn't too hot, not too cold. i would get all my school done in at most 3-4 hours, get a shower early, and have all this time to work on improving my makeup, fashion sense, biking, working out at least 1 1/2 hours a day, reading, all of it. my self-confidence was inSANELY high, i never got lonely, and my emotions were better than normal (PMSing and periods aside). i was so happy, and i viewed being single a freedom, not being lonely.

    skip to now: i'm in school 5 days a week. i have to wear a mask, which honestly isn't a problem except when i need to run and breathe heavily or my nose is running. but i have face problems now - dryness, acne, etc. i've tried everything. i have gym 5 days a week for the next month or two, so i wear sweatpants (rather than the uniform) because we can't get changed. but sweatpants make me insecure. i'm insanely insecure now about my body and personality and looks in general. i'm depressed, worried, anxious, and lonely. how TF did this happen?

    anyway :) have a nice day/night

  • Have you thought about transferring to online schooling ?? it's essentially the same.

  • @rebelw-acause literally same that was the best thing that happened to me I was so happy and then everything went back to normal and I get stressed by everything and feel like my life’s going so quickly