• Someone: “I have social anxiety”

    What people hear: “I am a bit shy”
    What the internet reads: "uWu cute shy boi, must proteccccccc."

    What social anxiety really is: taking months of knowing someone to feel comfortable enough to have a real conversation, your mind going blank during small talk, inability to participate in groups of more than three people, mentally rehearsing “simple” tasks such as ordering food or making a phone call and your heart racing anyway, constantly feeling watched, being afraid of getting places too early or too late, fear of being judged over the most random things (”is this a socially acceptable ice cream flavor to buy?” “what if they think my shampoo is weird” “will they hate me if I get up to throw my trash away?” “what if I emptied the dishwasher wrong!”), having panic attacks when you have to ask a teacher for help, constantly feeling left out or excluded even with friends, your hands shaking when you get called on in class, being overwhelmed in crowds and public transportation, disliking being touched, perpetual fear of disappointing those in authority, overall difficulty forming relationships, missing out on milestones or social events because you either have no friends to go with or know it will be overwhelming, preferring to be in groups of three so that conversation isn’t solely up to you, making so many everyday tasks so much more difficult than they need to be due to a crushing fear of being judged by random strangers you will literally never see again and needing to be seen as flawless.

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    @nisanuggets yeah that seems pretty accurate :D also hi

  • @test_account hi! I have experienced those but i'm glad that I managed to topple those. I hope you are doing great out there. Stay safe! 😊

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    @nisanuggest same here :D it gets better with practice, and that's what I tell my friends. It doesn't have to control you, you can overcome it.

    If you like, I'm open for pms as well, you seem nice!

    stay safe!

  • @test_accounts

    Thank you for encouraging your friends to socialize even if it is difficult to do so. All we can do is to help them that's why there is a process. Maybe this mere post is an awareness to everyone whose been diffident lately because we all know the feeling even if we are a gregarious person.

    Anyways, I'm also open for some discussions. I love learning. Thank you for welcoming me! 😊

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    @nisanuggets Thank you! :) I agree!

    Awesome! If you feel like messaging, just find the button on my profile, or you can follow me and I can open a chat box. Thanks!