• That day, as I approached my slumber, my thoughts seemed to find the stream of those old memories-Crying, laughing, all kinds of memories. With the hot tears all over my face, I did all I could, let my brain's reel roll for a while and then, just get to sleep. What else could I or anyone at all could do?
    As I fell deeper in the blissful oblivion, I found myself standing on a trail, fields of daisies on its either sides, complimenting the amber sky.
    I then, see a little girl and a boy, probably in his mid teens, walking hand in hand. The girl, just so innocent, and the boy admiring that. He was smiling, but his eyes saying otherwise. His breathing changed suddenly, as if he was getting ready *for something.*Taking all the oxygen he could take in at once, he got on his knees to face the silly girl plucking out petals from one of those white flowers. The little creature seemed to find all her interest in the daisies; just trying to figure out how it was so small yet the prettiest she had ever seen. After minutes of finally finding her eyes, he says, “You see there, where that yellow round thing touches the daisies, I will just be there." "That's not that far", the little girl chirped. "Yes, not that far away." he says, while shades of red and water glistening on his eyes. "Now promise me one thing. Can you?" "Don't ask me to give you my pink pencil." All he could do, was chuckle. "No, of course not, Ma'am." Crooked teeth jshone brightly at being so highly addressed! "Then, what?" she asked, picking yet another flower. "Just come once every day to wave to that place, till I come back, okay?" The girl nodded, the boy smiling and shaking his head at her absent-mindedness. "Will you miss me?”, his deep voice now cracking and I mumble, “Yes”.
    The covers were now too heavy on my body suddenly. The air was too thick to take in. Everything held less colour, less clarity. As fast as I could, I take off the covers from my body and pull up my jacket. Wind as always was cold and the mild sun rays saying to me "this is so familiar." In no time, I was out of my house, walking on the trail outside. The daisies motioning with the breeze, beautiful and so old. I see the sun as a full circle. The air around seemed to fall short and the water in my eyes ready to come out in no time, well, again. "Hold it together", he had said and so I will. I wave where the sun kisses the daisies,hoping once again to see him, my brother, like I have been for the past 10 years,5 months and 3 days.

  • @girlwhois16 that was beautiful and I'm so glad I had the chance to read it. It was easy to picture everything by the way you described it. I'm going to try some of those techniques the next time I write a story. Thank you for sharing what seems like fond memories.

  • @girlwhois16 Share some of them mushrooms please