Curiosity number 2 here: I want to know more about your sweetess memories. What make you smile everytime you remember it?

  • For me this all start when I feel the warm of a fireplace, you know the sweet touch of the heat on your skin. Conforting, peaceful, surronding. It remember me when I was a little one, passing my day outside building snow fort, digging tunnels, snowball war, all that with the good companie of my family. And when the sun goes down we all return back home, the warm touch of the heat of the fireplace, our laughs, all that was so nice :p (sorry for bad english) Have a good day everybody !!!!! take care

  • the first time a sniped a helicopter pilot in battlefield 4. so satisfying. watching that chopper lose all it's weight and drop to the ground and the 100 points for killing and enemy appear sent spikes of good feels through my body.