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    I as well as others have been quiet about this till now but I think it's time to give off a little warning for those who don't know already.

    Our fellow user Claire aka @Wicked_ is not who she portrays to be.

    I know that we shouldn't expect anything honest here especially when it's online but I've seen many users get hurt, uncomfortable and complain to me and others about it. Some even decided to delete their account and completely left TWS which is definitely the best decision you could ever do here:)

    There also have been many complaints about her getting too flirty with users, even with our younger ones going as far as sexting a 13 year old. But what about those who haven't come forward with this information ?

    Anyways, we don't really know who exactly @Wicked_ is but we found the pictures of the girl she pretends to be on various sex/porn sites.

    Aside from that, most of the poems she shared with us are plagiarized and stolen from actual writers.

    I'd like to thank those who opened up to me about it and provided me the following screenshots:))





    please keep any remarks/posts decent and simple, no insulting and such;-;

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    @LilyRose This is a disgrace she should be removed immediately we shouldn't allow her to do anymore stunts and we don't wanna lose anymore members

  • nasty, dont go to pornhub my little innocent lily


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    This post is deleted!
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    @sup Look you may be mod and you think you can boss everyone so that we will keep quiet when something bad happens it's our responsibility to make sure that TWS is being respected and make sure this is a user friendly site and were are not referring to catfishes this far more serious

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    Aside from that, most of the poems she shared with us are plagiarized and stolen from actual writers

    imho this is pretty unforgivable. stealing credit for someone else's creative work is a real dick move.

    anyways, i'm totally on your side. it's right to call these kinds of people out. we don't need users here who think that sexting with 13 y/o kids is a normal thing to do

  • @sup Just think if someone u actually care for or someone that cares for you becomes a target of this catfishing. Then what would u do ?
    Allow your friend to share his/her pics or will stand up against that person asking for pics ?
    Then maybe you will start taking things seriously.

  • was the Fall of Heaven story plagiarized? in any case, I'm unwilling to abandon this person. so what if you sometimes use other's pics or even poems (which I would like to see a proof of)? young people do dumb things. Claire doesn't feel malevolent to me, quite the opposite. so please, let's think again.

  • this is a disgrace to a catfish community and got caught then being called out in public.

  • @sup You are just being lame as your existence. But anyways keep TROLLING IG SOME PEOPLE GOT NOTHING TO DO IN LIFE 😄


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    @LilyRose said in INTRODUCING WICKED:

    the issue here is not about catfishing at all, legit every second user is lmao

    Not only did we get many complaints but that person kept on insisting and did actually bother a few and wouldn't stop when asked.

    This is not something that occured within a few days but actually weeks. I'm sure you wouldn't support a possible grown up male forcing himself on minors.

    I do completely agree with you to not take everything seriously, it may all be online but if needed, a line should be drawn. @sup either way good to see you again

    You don't have to get all defensive and explain stuff to me,who am I?

    All Im asking you is to not publicly humiliate anybody and "expose them". I've done that in the past with @layla and it did not feel right. After all, what harm can these people possibly do sitting on the other side of the world? People need to be smart.

    Ban him if it is something against the rules or let dumb people fall prey to whatever this man is doing. He can't "force himself on minors" through the internet because we have a block option and DMs are private these days. These kids need to learn to be on the internet or just gtfout.

    And good to see you and your army of chihuahuas. Ask them to stop taking stuff seriously and drop the barking. Burnt butts are expensive to fix.

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    @LilyRose hahahaha @Wicked_ DONT BE FAKE BISH! GTFO💀

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  • As drama has appeared (thank God), I am compelled to join in. It is quite funny to see how so many people are against catfishing done by a user, meanwhile the owner himself has a considerate amount of accounts to catfish as female and has previously asked people for nudes. Fuck the "cut off the head of the snake" saying, glad to see that mods are not publicly announcing any of these. The irony is that you expect to find genuine people on a website based on a lie, but sure, let's promote this cancel culture furthermore. "What a disgrace, so inacceptable", bitch please, it is nothing uncommon here, it is like people are joining the internet for the first time.
    @Kasper Cookie with all due respect, if you truly think that sup is trolling, please leave your bubble before someone bursts it and accept the reality.
    @sup Congratulations, you've finally transcended from your indian nature, look at us, took some time to finally agree on something.

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    @Lazz dude you are now safe ✌.. Poor Claire end of wickedness hehe, I used to admire you and still wont judge you cos afterall we dont know who is who in this internet world, your wickedness cant beat my Hellaness.. 🤣 still I wish you are not exposed and just ban out of the site..

  • @LilyRose She's hot :smirk:


    I used to be a catfish here just to increase my rep and followers. I trapped many horny indians.

    I'm sure they are still here :smirk:

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    @sup nice way of you to describe the people who seem to have better understanding regarding this issue as my "chihuahuas", thank you.

    If you truly want the "evidence", I will just DM you or the person who informed me about this. It's a lot and I did not make this topic so you guys can argue about the obvious.

    It was just a call out and most probably a heads up for all the newbies that recently joined.

    I agree that we should simply block these people, of course! I mean, it's common sense, right ?

    but you disregard the fact that not all 13 year olds have that logic, and may be easily manipulated/taken advantage of. Especially when the person they're conversing with is made to be as 'good with words' as 'Claire' was. And of course, as a 'wordsmith' , it's easier to manipulate someone, especially someone much younger than you, who has less experience with catfishing/gaslighting.

    I did not humiliate @Wicked_ aka Robert, it literally takes one click on the pfp to figure this out all by yourself. But if he actually feels offended, I'm willing to apologise.

    now stop replying, I hate writing long ass paragraph messages.

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    @mindigh Im not a fan of drama and whatsoever, but whoever you are you caught my attention with all the words you ponder, I always like someone who is a logophile.. :-)

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    clearly, you are either ignorant or simply choose to ignore the information being presented to you, which might I add, makes absolute perfect sense and is a good reason for a ban. Your opinion henceforth can be kept to yourself, because it has no impact on anything.

    i do understand wanting to 'defend' your friend but clearly your usage of 'she' tells me that you don't know the full extent of everything.

    Defending a 32 year old male catfishing, lying pedophile should not be at the top of your bucket list. I guess you can check that off your list though:)

    I might as well show you 'Claire' admitting to everything so you can stop being ridiculous.

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