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    Okay so whosoever you r , just introduce yourself , your name , hobbies , dislikes etc !!!!!!!
    So here comes my intro :
    Hello guys , as you all know , my username is @cutie-cat . But my real name is Priyanka which means beloved . I love socializing . Singing is my passion . Drawing , song writing , oration , story writing , script writing are some of my talents . I like to watch all that zombie shit 😂 I am addicted to youtube . My friends and family are my life ❤❤ I am a teenager who is happily single af 😎😸I love Taylor Swift and her songs , as u can see , I have her pic as my dp . My favourite song ?? Well I have like a 100 favourite ones so can't name them that quickly 😂 I want to become a civil egineer and I wanna be a free being and an independent woman when I grow up . I hate the people who do any kind of discrimination and the people who take the side of multiple parties opposing each other at the same time .
    I wanna be a girl with mind , a woman with attitude and a lady with class 😊

  • Hello guys/girls , as you all know , my username is @Lucifer_ . But my real name (as per some sources) is Samael which means bringer of light . I love a little bit of socializing. Reading is my passion. Shitty drawings , Answer writing on TWS, are some of my talents . I like to watch all that zombie shit 😂 I am addicted to TWS . My friends and family are my life ❤❤ I am not a teenager who is not happily single af 😎😸I love Lucifer and the songs they use in the TV series, as u can see , I have his pic as my dp . My favourite song ?? Well I have like a 100 favourite ones so can't name them that quickly 😂 I wanna be a free being and an independent person when time comes. I hate the people who do any kind of discrimination and the people who take the side of multiple parties opposing each other at the same time .

    I wanna be a man with mind , a man with little bit of attitude and a gentleman with class 😊

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    @cutie-cat Hi my name is Willoww. My real name is Willow.
    I am originally from Australia. And then I lived in Brazil for a few years. My mom was Mexican and my dad was white, so yes, I do speak a bit of Spanish.
    I love everything to do with music. Espexially dubstep. Top ten fav songs: Viva La Vida- Coldplay, Secrets-One Republic, Bomb a Drop-Garmiani, Turn Down For What-Dj snake, Faded-Alan Walker, X-Nicky Jam, Bailando-Enrique Iglesias, Real Slim Shady-Eminem, Youth-Daughter, and Shooting Star-by various artists
    I am 20 years old and I currently live in the USA. My hobbies include running, Reading, photography, traveling (mostly for work), and tea parties with my daughter. I used to play beach vball until my back was blown in a car accident. Now i sit and watch just to torture myself with “the good old day”.
    I like to eat. Alot. Chicken nugs, caprisuns, ice cream. I am actually the caprisun queen. So yeah. Food is bae
    I date a hella awesome dude @RAGNAR and he makes me hella happy. Maybe I even love him more than food gasp.
    I like memes and jokes and my family is my one thing I need.
    I am actually a huge introvert in real life but online I have several people I mess around with.
    Few people include: @football_m29 , @sup , @Black_Beetle , @BOOTS22 , @cutie-cat , @Rendezvous , @WtfJudith , @layla , @Lucifer_ , @its-bobby , @Black-rose , @Abby-83 , @The-Dude , and @US-poet
    And yeah, i will do anything to protect them. And yeah, im done now
    mic drop

  • Hi guys, my username is @Catwoman, but my real name is Selina, which means sky or heaven. I love reading, watching movies & series and wasting my time on TWS (instead of studying, which is what I should be doing). Martial arts, athletics and theft are some of my talents. I am addicted to chocolate. My friends are my life ❤ ❤ . I'm not a teenager and I'm not happily single (I'm dating Batman, not @Buttman). I love Taylor Swift and Imagine Dragons. I don't have a favourite song. I hate dogs (just kidding), exams and men.
    I wanna be what I am.😊

  • Okay so as you can see I have here @Azriel as my username. My real name is Belle which means beauty (I'm a guy actually and I'm ugly so quite contradicting). I love reading, singing (not much), drawing, and dancing. The name Azriel (meaning a shadow singer) is from a book and that explains my hobby --- reading. I also play badminton and do a bit of martial arts. I have mastered the art of procrastinating (is what i really am good at). I have my dislikes and dislikes (yeah). I dislike people...

    P.S. Laziness struck me.
    P.P.S. Saarrey.
    P.P.P.S. To be continued...

  • Introducing my fabulous self !!


    Likes include 1> wowing ladies with his sexy , handsome ,greek-god bod ...

    (Reptile is totally not boasting ..
    he is also totally,absolutely not overcompensating for being forever alone.)

    2>spending time with similarly retarded people
    alt text

    Dislikes Spiders ...Seriously ,fuck em !!

    alt text

    Reptile is humble ,he doesnot like to boast about himself (Lmao)
    ...So ,Reptile slides away

    alt text

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    Hello people,
    I'm @sup
    0_1523726811754_tenor (3).gif
    but I have another name which means 'someone who is loved by everyone and with one of a kind personality'
    and is 'super hot' (I added that myself 😑 )

    I'm addicted to football.

    I love movies/songs/cartoons/animals/girls/books/gifs and a lot of other things XD

    People think I'm funny and that's where they fail to know me. I am not funny.

    Talking about my talents I have none. In other words, I'm good at everything.

    I have cool friends here and in the real world. Everyone loves me and I love everyone.

    My life is simple yet complex.

    That's not all...just the trailer. A movie based on me coming soon lol.....

  • Hello my name is Miranda. I'm 23 and from Arkansas, USA. I'm a poet and writer. I love reading books and rock music. I'm recently separated soon to be divorced. So yeah I'm working on starting my life over. I'm a hopeless romantic and I love pizza. I don't have many friends but I like talking to people online. So if you want to talk go ahead message me.

  • -deleted-

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    Hey! Well from my username my name is obviously Wtf, but people call me Judith.
    I don't know what my name means exactly, but it's featured in the bible (the Book of Judith). It tells the story of a woman who seduced a high placed commander of some sort and beheaded him in his sleep. 😅

    I love reading, writting (although I really suck at it), going on hikes, my dog, any and all type of animal/insect. I used to be really into photography back when I had a camera and i used to play badminton, but recently had to stop.

    As for future career options, I love science and would like to either go in engineering, veterinary medicine, zoology or ophthalmology. Haven't decided quite yet.

  • @cutie-cat As you can see my username is football_m29. My real name is Michael and I’m...... you guessed it 29 years old. I love everything about football(American football that is), from watching it to playing it. It is my main hobby lol. Other hobbies include playing video games, movies and listening to music(I like pretty much all music). I’m generally a nice guy and pretty easy to talk to although I can be antisocial at times. Also I joke around with everyone laughter is a big part of life

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    @cutie-cat Hi. My username is @Layla, and that happens to be my name too. My name has an Arabic meaning, I'm not sure what it is though. I'm from Australia and I'm 18. I moved to New York for college. I like do a lot of things, like reading, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, designing clothes, and doing makeup. I like the outdoors, traveling, going on adventures. I love all animals, except bugs and insects. I love meeting new people and socializing. I like to watch scary things. I'm single. I like pop music and r&b. I like to stand up for what is right. I want to be a doctor, that's what I'm going to school for. I hate people who are hypocrites and discriminators. I'm a vegetarian. My favorite colors are black and white, even though apparently they aren't colors. I am usually a very happy person, and I like to help people and make people feel better. I am very shy in person, but once you get to know me, I can be very fun. I'm also pretty sensitive. My most favorite people are my mom and dad, I don't have any siblings. I also love my pets, I have a cat and a dog. I don't believe in God. I also believe everything happens for a reason. Yeah, that's about it 🙂

  • im new here sooo
    Hey, Ebisuu here, My real name is Nathan. Im from the Philippines and im an aspiring manga/ doujin artist and a Meme page Admin. Im filipino- 1/4 japanese, ive been sleeping my whole life even in 15. Big fan of kendo and Archery, i dont do sports that much but i still continue training for track and field.
    My likes are Drawing, Arts and Crafts, Music, sum anime, Katsushika Houkusai and jazz music.

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    @the-dude Poor baby, <(•.•<)
    hug fiend

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    My name is Nicholas, derived from the Greek name Νικόλαος (Nikolaos), a compound of νίκη nikē 'victory' and λαός; laos 'people'. I live in Texas, and was born in 1987. I enjoy writing, drawing, dancing, hanging out at bars, singing karaoke, and some video games if I ever have time. The types of shows and movies I watch are more on the nerdy side, like all of the Marvel movies and tv shows, Rick and Morty, Final Space, Game of Thrones, American Gods, and a few anime's. I'll watch more "normal" stuff too like the new season of Rosanne, and of course I let my rainbow flag fly with Ru Paul's drag race. I'll also watch film dramas like Murder on the Orient Express, and musicals, especially and of the live action Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast. The music I listen to is all genre's, but rap helps me write the best, unless I need a specific emotion, then I'll play music that matches that emotion.

  • Wow u guys got such brief introduction. ......awesome !
    Well I'm ashutosh ...... I'm a god (according to my name ), i don't have any hobbies ( as i can't think of anything i like to do), i get bored very quickly and i love music endlessly.


    I'm addicted to football

    @football_m29 ...


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    @lucifer_ Nice joke and.....
    0_1523728475056_tenor (2).gif

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