• felt this for a few weeks to a month now; the longer I stayed online, the more I preferred to be offline, but this isn't all it's about.
    The few who are my friends here know about my problems with my dad, his mental health and how he is affecting my family. I just watched my strong mother burst into tears about how helpless she feels, and it broke something inside me.
    I'm nearing my final semester in college. The things I swore I'd finish in my first semester lay unfinished to this day. Watching my mother wait for my dad to somehow learn how to love his family again magically connected in my mind to how I'm magically waiting for my life to straighten itself out. You guys have been a great source of laughter and encouragement, but you are too great. The hours I have spent online talking to you guys have become distractions from building a better life for myself.
    I've watched the Breonna Taylor case, horrified how insignificant people portrayed her life to be, and my mind plagues me with the same question: what if that is me next? What if I die? What will people say about me? What have I accomplished in my life?
    I've spent the longest time asking myself questions like that, and I have finally reached the crux of asking those questions. I'm going out into the world and making a name for myself.
    Thank you guys for being my friends for so long. I wish you all the best in your careers, your lives, and your futures!

  • @NiaRox It's time. I know you've had more than a share of downs, and not as many ups, in your recent life. It's been a long way from good, in many ways. Hoping that bit by bit and day by day your life becomes better. Not only for YOU, personally, but for family and others in your life, as well. Hope you found some solace, comfort, maybe even "escape" from some uncertain life events, here, and if I played even the smallest part in any of that, then I'm glad. You deserve more, and I'm sure with head held high you'll go out into the world and GET more! Safe travels, smooth sailing, and may the wind be always at your back! You'll be missed, by many, I'm sure. Myself humbly included. Stay safe, be well, sail on :pray:

  • @NiaRox goodbye nia 😇. And I wish you better career , life. And all the best for studies.

  • Banned

    @NiaRox My Goddess I won't lie and say I'm happy for you or that I'm not hurting. Cause truth is I'm far from happy and that your leaving is breaking me in a way I can't describe with words. Despite all that I love you. I wish you the best and I hope your life works out. I know you'll be great making movies like you wanted. I know your voice will echo across the world and you'll be one of the best. For that I'll try and develop my writing skills to match what I know you'll be one day. I want you to know that no matter what I support you and that maybe one day when were both more ready then maybe we can have another chance meeting. You are an amazing person and I know I'm grateful for all that youve ever done for me. I just wish I could do the same for you. I want you to have an amazing life even if that life doesn't include me. I love you

    ~Love always your Alexis Claire

  • i see mate!!

  • Take Care Nia, you will so be missed. You are Smart, Strong and Determined, you will succeed.

  • @NiaRox wonderdful blesses to you !!
    Family come with no choice .. now you are taking responsibility of it, forgetting to be responsible for now .
    Stop worrying about it things happening around you .. and be responsible for now to make things more happy ..instead of talking about past which is total mess !! Think how you could do better for the self !!

  • @NiaRox Thanks for the well wishes and we all truly wish the same for you! You Are The Best And Will Conquer!! The Very Best Of Luck! You Will Be Missed!!! :)

  • @NiaRox I hope ur all life problem will solved wishing u best of luck with ur studies stay safe and healthy good bye

  • @NiaRox Good luck nia on your future make your parents proud be their strength and look after them