I see many beautiful women who are successful on dating sites and was wondering how do they not find a man being that pretty and well educated? Any thoughts?

  • I have a few ideas of my own but they aren't pretty and probably are bias so I would like to hear from the community first.

  • There's no blanket answer for this. First of all, being pretty and educated doesn't automatically mean that it's easy to find somebody who's right for you.

    I have friends who are absolutely gorgeous and intelligent but they're also super shy, have trust issues or the like. And then there are also beautiful women who men see and think "she's out of my league", so they don't get approached, and some think they're just good for a purely physical relationship and can't commit etc.

    Another point is that some people have very specific wants and needs and so they turn to dating sites because it's easier to find a match than to aimlessly be looking in your surroundings. Other people just like the convenience of dating sites.

    And these are only a few of the reasons. People are complex, they all have their own thought processes.

  • @Schneewittchen I see. I understand where you're coming from. Just my opinion but maybe the girls should also give men chances to approach them or at least send them a message and a reply back. lol Whatever tho. Thanks for your thought. Its really nice to see a different view on things.

  • @Rikonx i feel like it is because there are alot of perverts out there ans its hars for women to trust you. But aometimes after they know the right person they atart liking them
    Also lots of guys think a girl ia out of their league. Thata not the case about me because i have been there and life has proven me otherwise. There is just that leap of faith that does you wonders and many are too afraid to tke it