women luring men to pay sites is all i have experienced as new member. Hopefully get better

  • new member not impressed so far.

  • Soul Searchers

    Yeah it's a bummer, but it's not just this site my friend. Just about everywhere on the web when you look for a woman you will be greeted by gold diggers looking for a payload, and even when it's not the case it's very rare to find someone who will love you unconditionally. Most of em want nice things, cars, luxuries, and to be treated higher than God. Any man in his right mind would not fall into that trap, because obviously God is the best, and they should find some humility. I mean it's not natural than a man is more humble than his girlfriend. In the end Eve was taken from Adams side, and so Man, and woman should try to walk hand, and hand rather than making it into some kind of competition, or money tree rather than real love for better or worse. Hey I mean Sampson was the mightiest man in his time, but Delilah sold him out for money. That tells you something, that even a man blessed by God is regularly betrayed by woman. Should we let that destroy our hopes in a sanctified marriage? Well I say to lose hope will make you bitter. It's better to do your best to overcome your desires of the flesh through Christ. Jesus said if you can't contain your passions get married, but he also said marriage is worldly, and it's better to rise above the flesh. Just think of how it feels to be tempted, and to covet. Always burns right? Hang in there pal

  • Soul Searchers

    today there is so much wickedness in the world many women know this fire, and will cause you to thirst just to feel powerful, and the enemy has been granted authority in the world to use these things to turn us against God. Most likely if you don't sell yourself short, or give in to the worlds agenda no woman will grant you a drink of her passions. She would rather laugh as we burn within. It's our mission to resist the angst, and the frustration, to forgive, keep the faith, and persist till the end regardless.

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    But seriously, there is also a community here. Compared to the horny crowd (60.000 accounts and counting) the community is a bit small though. You could read through my topics, to get a bit of a feel of it :yum:

    Everybody uses TWS a little different though. I like topics and not having to respond right away, cause I get online during pauses...

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