How can I dress more fashionably while pregnant?

  • How can I dress more fashionably while pregnant?

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  • Wear flat shoes or wedge heel for stability. Until you start showing, you can wear regular clothes. Most clothes have a bit of spandex in them. Once they get too tight then get into maternity clothes. There is nothing most disgusting than a 6mo. Pregnant huge woman trying to wear regular clothes. Be proud of the pregnancy and yourself and wear the nice stylish maternity clothes. Yes it's only for 5-6 mo. But you will feel so much more comfortable and have a better self esteem. Purchase things on sale. Borrow from friends who are the same colour palette as you. Make sure you are wearing clothes in your colour palette. You dont want to look jaundiced or sallow. Very very important. You want people to look at your face first and then the baby bump!

    Good luck.

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    @gloria-backer hi dear! r u really pregnant now?

  • Pregnancy is a wonderful experience in which you feel beautiful from the inside. I used to wear dresses all the time. And even bought online some fashionable ones for my baby shower party reviews here to feel myself like a princess. So, the best you can do is to wear the cloths you feel comfortable and good looking on.

  • Use fashionable accessories, it's always a great way to look more trendy. I understand that wasting money on designer accessories while waiting for a baby may not be the best Idea but you can check out articles on Belene Chandia Fashion site, there you'll find some info about how to buy replicas.

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