💕Do you think once you love someone, you will ALWAYS love them and Can love fade away with time? 💕

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    Yesterday My friend asked to me Two question... 👤🗣
    1- Do you think once you love someone, you will ALWAYS love him? ❤👨
    2- Do you think love Can Fade away with time? 💟

    So My 2nd answer was ... Whether or not love will fade over time, Depends on our relationship and how are we doing ..🙂

    And My 1st answer was Ofc yes I will always love him.. Why not..🤗 but the thing here is something else.. He is not with me..🙄

    I also always wanted to love him and tell him, how much love I had you..😔

    If I meet you then I will show you..😐
    How Much love I had you.. But I know there is no use to show you or tell you 👎💔
    How did the nights pass, how did those days pass. 😒
    How did I live alone, How did I stay without you.. Night and day I remembered you.. 😶

    But I know there is no use to show you or tell you.. 👎💔

    Alone even today I am 😑
    In all for directions is spread pain's loneliness..
    That which has happened to me, I want to tell you.. But No use to tell you..👎💔
    If I open my heart, I know ..No use to show you! .. 👎💔

    I'm just being Patience and silencing myself

  • @Katherine-k loving unconditionally is good ,but loving unconditionally only to one person forgetting now also yourself.. and thinking about the past memories all the time instead going back to past and let go, it's good to remind it for a moment..
    It's a serious head fuck it is, to hold a memories and live with it for present and make future which do not exist !! All based up on imaginary reality which only exist in your brain !! So yeah if you are happy with it wonderful go on

  • @Katherine-k both of these feelings are possible. There are people I'll love forever. There are people i no longer love. Lots of variables in there

  • @Katherine-k Speaking from the heart is never silent. Can be clearly heard by ALL. The sorrows as well as the JOY! :heart:

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    Love can fade overtime but it's usually due to ppl taking each other for granted after a while, ppl don't work on relationships any more they, get divorces.

    Then again I don't really believe in love anymore, probably cause the meds they put me on murdered my various feels to different degrees, my last relationship kinda ended around the time I was truly acceptant of being around someone all the time after years of being alone.

    Loves for song writers n highschool kids who " die inside cause Derek don't love em anymore 😭"

    Wow I'm a real cunt 🤣 imagine me in another 40yrs time 😲

  • all relationships end in divorce anyway,..,,....😤🤚🏻

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    Well for me its always ther3 and it changes the way i see them but it wont mean that if im with someone else i would want to be with them. Its just that i would see them for the good and wonderful person they are and not what others see

  • Yes it does, passion fades but love will remain

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