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    And there was light
    James Clerk Maxwell's equation doesn't explain only lightning but all electromagnetic phenomena and they don't only explain but they power us to invent all these new technologies.
    Once he figured out the mathematics to describe electro-magnetism, that's when other scientists like Nikola Tesla came up with other invention s like the Tesla Coil download (9).jpg that views that knowledge to create controlled lightning and as a result, for many centuries this caused opposite between religion and science, a tradition seen by James Clerk Maxwell as the science's law of challenging Orthodox explanations of how some things work. Lucky for him, at least he had some evidence to prove his theory unlike some that just got burned at stake like Giordano Bruno over his his theories that there were other solar systems. Please don't f*k with religion

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  • @Cold-Sun That's cool. But I guess I should go for some theories rather than equations. Okay, I will look up for Gauss's law or something to start 😂

  • @Cold-Sun Do you have anything explaining how this fact leads to Einstein developing the relativity theory?

  • @Cold-Sun Sad but true. Science has a significant role, religion has its role. We got scripture and nature. Both reveal the same truth. Both are complementary. They don't have any conflict. The conflict is among us, maybe because we misinterpret them and don't know how to interpret correctly

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    @kaia_ Yes. That would be a meritorious decision. Not all theories have equations so don't worry about the maths to put more light into it. But remember it shouldn't be too pragmatic and contradicting with religion. Speaking of Gauss's law, not a complex equation to start with. Electric flux, enclosed charge and permittivity of free space.😎 not everyone's good at equations but at least everyone can try to understand it's theoretical bit.

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    @kaia_ Sincerely speaking, I'm really overwhelmed by the majesty of nature and sometimes I ask myself where does the story of the quest to scientific knowledge end? And how do civilisations more advanced than ours think? I guess these earlier scientists may have also asked themselves such questions like for instance the Scottish scientist Max who believed the answer was in the game of chess as it really tells us a lot how our universe works, As it's real essence is Pure Maths. Same to Albert Einstein's two interrelated theories of Special relativity which applies to all physical phenomena in absence of gravity and General relativity.

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    @kaia_ And as it's always said, knowledge is power. Albert Einstein also studied a lot of Riemannian geometry which enabled him formulate his theory of general relativity in his language.

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    @Indrid-Cold If that ain't Nikola Tesla's wife then it's one of his human robots that viewed Max's equation of electromagnetic phenomena to create other controlled lightnings besides the coil. It must have been a disastrous tickle I guess. Sometimes science and religion don't agree.

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    @Cold-Sun Are you intrested in Science if so please share more infos here or please share to me I love topics related to science :) and thx for sharing ths too

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  • @kaia_ said in The Earlier Scientists.:

    e anything explaining how this fact leads to Einstein developing the relativi

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