This is RuptureFarms.
    They say it's the biggest meat-processing plant on Oddworld.
    I used to work here, Well, I was really a slave, like all the others.
    That’s me! My name is Abe!
    I was employee of the year. Now, I’m dead meat.
    I cross the meanest boss in the world:
    Molluck the Glukkon.
    My whole life has changed in just one day.
    I was working late one night at Rupture Farms...
    We used to make Meech Munchies, until the Meeches were through.
    We still made Paramite Pies, and we made some good Scrab Cakes too!
    I thought I had a good job, but that was before I knew.
    How we'd make New and Tasty, I was still to find,
    The truth, it turned out, now that would blow my mind.
    The Glukkons were scared, 'cause profits were grim.
    Paramites and Scrabs, had been turning up thin.
    But Molluck was cool, he had a plan.
    This new kind of meat?
    IT WAS US!
    I just had to escape, I just had to be free,
    and I didn’t even know I had a destiny.
    I had just got past those Slogs, when the strangest thing I saw.
    A big moon was before me, and its face was my paw.
    Then I fell down a cliff and smashed my head.
    When some Big Face appeared, and said I was dead.
    Said our land was changing, was imbalanced as best.
    He told me my fate was to rescue the rest.
    For Paramites and Scrabs had been sacred once,
    That was before RuptureFarms turned them into lunch.
    And they live in temples, and that's where they still nest.
    And facing these creatures, that was my test.

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