• This is the first time posting somewhere like this. I am presumptuous in assuming that I am not worth anyone's time. 38 Years old. Failed at love. Failed at wealth, power, greed, screwing people over for collateral.

    And I am at a point in my life now where nothing makes me feel fulfilled. It gets worse. But this is where it starts sounding insane.

    I've studied behavioral science. And the first rule of B.S is "There are no good or bad people. Humans are shaped by culture." That means we do not have free will. If you're raised in Germany.. you speak with a German accent & reflect that culture. If you're raised as a Catholic or a Jew.. you are exposed to, & reflect their values. If I say "STOP Speaking with a Southern Accent", we cannot do that! Our free will is limited & thus is not free.

    Now, I love this planet, it's creatures, animals; the diversity overwhelms me. And I adore children & adults alike. Learning liberates me from ignorance. And it seems we have so much to share & learn from one another.

    However. There is this cancer on our planet that was invented 12,000+ years ago which pits everyone against each other, enforces dire living conditions, manifests sickening animal cruelty methods, & ramifies mental illness where ever it spreads. It's called a monetary system. And a symptom of being inflicted by this obsolete system... is mental illness.

    Instead of sharing the earth's resources sensibly & responsibly, taking care of each other, living with animals, travelling, studying, looking after the environment, & working on a global scale to out maneuver the Climate Impact.. we are existing in the emotional world of denial. We do not think critically or rationally, because it is not in the best interests of business to educate people beyond mundane tasks & "I obey". Rapacity & Greed (Fear of Loss) brings the worst out in people.

    Let me give you an example. I worked for a Homeless Shelter, in Essex, UK as a Volunteer. I saw many people - victims of this reckless arrangement. But not from the homeless. From the STAFF. I saw the way they slouched in their chairs, procrastinated & bickered out of boredom, looking at their watches, wishing their lives away. They were utterly de-sensitized to hardship, tears, even suicide attempts.

    The Volunteers? Totally opposite. They were there because they wanted to help, not because of wage slavery shackles. They were inspired, passionate, empathetic, kind, caring, well informed, hard working to the point of self-abuse! They never talked down to the less fortunate as just another part of getting a pay cheque. I dared to ask myself impertinent & seditious questions pertaining to the validity of our entire world-wide culture of avarice.

    "What incentive do all these people have, that the staff do not?" I asked myself. MONEY. The staff, through no fault of their own, are getting paid, regardless of giving a shit right? How could I blame them? How can we blame anybody? We are ALL indoctrinated to do our worst because that is what Capitalism encourages.

    I am far further down this road now, & the more I learn about our potential beyond scarcity of resources, the more I realise just how much this is holding us back. If you send a blueprint, a formula, & Schematics to any other country.. it shall turn out the same every time. Regardless of nationality, creed, culture, traditions.. that is because Mathematics & Science is not open to interpretation. Are you with me so far?

    Ok. So the only reason I can find as to why we have not applied this marvelously advanced language to our social system, is because not enough people have this level of intelligence to arrive at this conclusion. I mean, the reason why people don't debate & argue over what 1 + 1 equals is because the population are intelligent enough to understand the equation. Just as I understand that "Infinite Growth" on a physically finite planet does not add up, at all.

    And my ability to ratiocinate seems to be totally working against me.

    Here is another thing we are all brought up to believe: "There have always been Wars, there shall always BE wars, because Man is greedy. You can't change human nature."

    If that were true, we would still be living in caves. No one is born with Greed, Racism, Bigotry, Xenophobia, Patriotism, Self-loathing, Suicidal thoughts, etc. That is learned from the Environment. Genes set the propensity; you may inherit green eyes, brown hair, you may contract Crohn's Disease or Epilepsy from your Parents gene pool. But self-interest wouldn't be prevalent in a system that provided everything for us - which the planet, technology, & people can do.

    Let me put it this way. Imagine that tomorrow all the money in the world suddenly disappeared. Would mankind perish? No. The farms, the crops, the fuel, the water, the metals, gases, nutrients etc. would still be there. We have the resources to end scarcity 5 times over on this planet. And just 2% of the energy found at the core of our planet is enough to power it for 1000 years. We could build fish farms to repopulate & clean the ocean, construct interconnected circular self-sustaining cities, ground breaking transport from green energy.. so much to do! And we can live without the dictatorship of servitude. It sounds mad, doesn't it?

    The mere concept of a society without money, leaders, politicians, war, & poverty, triggers people. Because we all have different opinions as to what that means. We have all been brought up to fear & fight change. We have not yet reached 1+1. And it's killing me on the inside. I have noticed that the younger generation, who have much higher IQs, have an ability to comprehend the gargantuan tasks ahead of us if we are to survive & build a viable future. Not one based upon opinions, but Natural Law.

    If you're stranded on a desert island, & you have 4 shitzillion dollars, diamonds, & gold, but have no water, no fish, no arable land.. you have nothing. Our entire existence.. is reliant on "Resources". If we do not work within the carrying capacity of what the earth can provide, we are going to run out of materials.

    "There's not enough resources to go around". Another lie we are fed. Yes! You can't give everyone 10 Lambos! But the way we bring out new products every year, just for the sake of profit makes no sense. "Planned Obsolescence" is reckless surely? We should make all goods & services available to everyone at the point of access & make things NOT to break down. See? Start thinking in terms that are logical, & straight away it works against you! Because logic, methodology, & progress have nothing to do with how our society is ran.

    I find it bloody insulting to see a young girl, stood behind a counter being forced against her better potential to say "Yes sir, how can I help?" during the best years of her life. I find it sickening & degrading destroying everything in the name of profits as the planet goes to hell.

    It's utterly obtuse to expect one blundering politician to be more effective than many great minds in making decisions. It's daft to say "A.I. Shall take over" & then trust our brakes, our personal data, & life support to computers. We could automate 96% of monotonous demeaning tasks, free ourselves from labour, corruption, & all the variants of depression that manifest as a result of chiseling off each other. And for the first time in human history, we define a 'purpose'.

    Think about it. I'm asking you to give yourselves your brain back! If everything was provided for: Practical accommodation, Healthcare, Education, Clothing, Food, Entertainment, Travel, everything you require to live.. would you be happy to give some of your time, to work say 2 days a week under the same arrangement? You can pick any area of expertise, any field, anywhere in the world based upon what YOU are passionate about, OR you can sit at home & do nothing if you like.. it's up to you.

    Do you see what I am getting at here? Instead of forcing people to work, you engage their desires. Instead of punishing a man desperately needing to feed his little girl by stealing, we take away the need to trigger such behavior.

    And then there is War. What a shameful waste. War is big business in purloining resources from lesser powerful countries or in protecting relationships which guarantee the flow of such resources; oil for example. All the materials & manpower wasted on WWII could have easily provided for every man's need on the planet. All those metals sunk to the bottom of the sea.. copper, brass, manganese, tungsten, etc. And not a single industry was conscripted. Meaning, companies & enterprises built weapons, propellers, Tanks, etc, rather than Government paying for it out of Taxes. If you took the profit OUT of War, there would be no wars.

    War is the ultimate conformity. It is to snatch all rights to reason, to think & feel; to ask a man to lay down his life for one man's incompetence where peace is concerned. Just 1 Submarine today has more devastating firepower than all the weapons used in all the wars prior. WTF can you achieve with that? How stupid can you get?

    "A Man just bought an island for 7.8 Billion" - what for? What about all the lifeforms on that island? We should be protecting our habitats. Not carving it up & selling it to gambling addicts who haven't the metacognition to identify reality.

    "Belief is the Death of Reason" - People who do not have any opportunity to study how nature works, seem to be more inclined to believe what they want to be true, & skew reality in a way which benefits their cultural indoctrination.

    Let me give you an example. People in feral tribes in Indonesia have no basic grasp of Seismology, or Volcanology. They instead, believe that the Gods shake the ground because they are angry. And that his anger erupts at the highest peaks so all can behold. Japan on the other hand has NO fear of "Machines Taking Over" like in the west, & as a result they are the most technologically advanced society on the planet. Belief vs. a means of identifying what is real.

    So look, I'm going to start rapping this up before you die of boredom! lol The 3 aspects of our global society that have refused to change are as follows: Political control, Education System, Monetary system. With a few tweaks barely worth mentioning, they are largely the same as they were when they first came about. Corrupt.

    If we had the best education throughout our entire lives, all resources at our fingertips, & Computers distributing goods & services at lightning speed, we would be able to live stress free, & work on problems that effects ALL peoples. If two groups of scientists have differing opinions, they join forces & it's the information that is most important for them! :) Not what they wanted to be true.

    I hope someone.. anyone.. even if just ONE individual can relate to this & understand how mental affliction is only natural in such an unnatural environment, then maybe we can begin a process. It makes me so sad to see such a beautiful world & all its people go to waste simply due to a paradox of insanity bestowed by such an outdated mode of thinking.

    An intelligent mind knows the ephemeral nature of the term "impossible". And Covid-19 reveals how obsolete, redundant & counterproductive to our survival capitalism has truly become, when there's more prisons, casinos, & M.O.D bases than there are ICU Beds per 100,000 people.

    People struggle to breathe every day. They are enslaved, coerced, stunted & threatened by the state to keep destroying the planet in the name of greed-driven madness. I consider "Depression" an honest affliction. It's those with their heads in the sand who have no "Mental Health".

    Thank you for listening to my observations. And.. you have my love.
    Rob x