• It has been so very long.
    Since you have been gone.

    Do I ever cross your mind?
    When your looking up at the sky.

    Like a sunken ship at the bottom of the sea.
    My memorey is berried to far to be.

    When I last checked it was clear to see.
    That in your heart there was no longer a memory called me.

    Do not get me wrong.
    I understand the reason of your why.

    My heart knows the truth.
    There will never be a goodbye.

    I realized way to late.
    The reason for this fate.

    The us we where was only I.
    I had hurt you and pushed you aside.

    I was living my life through blinded eyes.
    I lived from one hurt to the next lie.

    I never even stoped to see why.
    You where no longer by my side.

    Fueled by hurt I always denied.
    I left you in the distance now out of sight.

    But my tank it finnaly runs dry.
    And what I did to you I carry inside.

    A true reminder of just why.
    You never owed me.
    Your Goodbye

  • @Tim-Hamrick
    I slid between the days
    Hid the unseen ways
    I touched the sky
    A rushed embrace

    All that I'm here left with
    Is to fall for the theft this
    Is not worth goodbye
    It's a shot to the sky

    Lost in the abyss
    Looking for light
    Only finding goodbye.
    My life lost some light.
    When you said goodbye

    I know a bit disjointed reply but sometimes an answer just isn't

  • @Cosmic_Lady
    Thank you Cosmic_Lady.Your words like a light in my ocean of blue.

  • @Gennyyy

    Thank you it was the hardest write.

  • @Cold-Sun
    Ok I understand your prospective. And respect it truthfully. But there was no use of gender at all.
    As not only suffering which tore my life apart. At a time I was nearly beaten to death in my employers parking lot. Left with brain damage. No income those with me my only family. As I am litterly alone all my nearst kin are dead.
    I had to choose bring them done with me or get them away. So they can be happy and have thier dreams filled. I could not use a phone or go into the light for 8 months. My love and our daughter
    who I had to watch cry daddy when can we go home. Butt yes I accept my failures. And own the shit that happen. My ex and daughter are well taken care of. I will never be who I was again.and years I have tried to be myself again. But it's gone I was left with just enough brain to to watch this unfold . I did not find help or mercy with any church or Christiane nor any faith of good will. Butt a person of the status some do not like.Showed me how to walk to read and talk and engage in conversation.
    So I do have a sorter attention spand. But is no excuse I was wrong in how I replied to you I apologise. And accept at fault . I hope you understand none of that is an excuse. It's just what lead me to now. It's clear I still have work ahead of me.

  • Thank you your words give hope. I get so full of hurt and anger. I can not do what I once did. I hope you know there was a time when I would give money my last dollar to help someone. I litterly have my cousin a 2400 sq foot house. They repaired it for 14,000 it's worth 175'000 now. My daughter's bed room was so big she could ride her bike in there. I could not stay I would pull up. My daughter I could always hear her little feet across the hardwood. As she ran to greet me. Daddys home!!!
    My friend asked me one day way do you wait outside your house. I said cause I'm waiting to hear her little feet across the floor.

    I know others have suffered much in this life as well I'm no better then anyone. And thanks for letting me tell you what I keep inside.

  • And no you did not hurt me. But thank you for your compassion. I read what you said it is an ocean. And I'm so tired of running that it all hits me. And I drown. My tears are not for me but for the ones who tryied to love me and I nearly drown them with me. In my bad way. Maybe I want just read your words but I will listen. My will has always been strong but I am so tired and my head aches last forever. I don't look for pitty. I just hope I find peace one day.

  • Global Veteran

    @Tim-Hamrick This is also good for an empty stomach.

  • Aww my heart 🥺 💔
    It's really good tho 😻

  • @Cold-Sun
    Ok I normally don't ask what someone meant.Or in what way that references coincidence. With any thing I wrote or someone else did. Define your terms please so I know and have a better clue to what you mean.

    Do not take this wrong. Simply what?

  • Global Veteran

    @Tim-Hamrick Maya Angelou clearly quoted, I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Your heart knows the truth.(You were really full of hurt and lies) I lived from one hurt to the next lie. were you hurting him amorously that it was fool hardy or fatuous for a normal guy to handle before your tank finally ran dry? I agree to the fact that you were maybe blinded not to realise that too much of anything ain't good. download-14.jpgThis could also be a true reminder of why he may have left.You were really selfish. The us we were was only I. I'm really sorry for all this but you didn't specify the gender dude. In his heart, there's a memory of you, especially how you made him feel. And finally, This is also good for an empty stomach. I mean all this just calls for more popcorns to fill an empty stomach.What a wonderful topic.

  • Global Veteran

    @Tim-Hamrick Do not take this wrong.

  • Global Veteran

    @Tim-Hamrick I'm really sorry if I may have hurt you in one way or the other in my previous reply but i read through your last post and it was quite heart touching, sad.😢 you know they always say sadness is like an ocean, sometimes we drown, while other days we are forced to swim. It's one thing that never seems to end in some hearts especially the silent ones and because of that, it gathers endless tears, these are words that need to be written, if not, at least sung In a song. You did good writing it down. I know you may have cried after that thorough beating from a mob which is totally normal. Crying is part of life.😭😭😭😭😭 coz it helps to relieve some pain. Everyone on this site has ever cried.But I want you to just forgive those bad people, for they didn't know what they were doing.😀😁😂Be happy, forgive and forget. It's always sad to see great souls suffer in silence.The world really suffers a lot, not because of the violence of the bad people but because of the silence of the good ones.That was really a bad experience but you need things that keep motivating you to push forward and forget such incidences. Hopefully even trying to rub out how they made you feel.

  • @Tim-Hamrick So you chose a fucked up person to breed with. We are supposed to feel sorry for you? How many women get beaten, and their children as well???

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