• The most striking property of any political ideology is the following

    • ideologies group people into good ones and bad ones
    • they are unforgiving in their categorizations (except against those in power)

    Let's look at this by example. The Nazis implement this property like this:

    super-good: nazis
    good: germans, white people
    bad: gypsies, black, near-eastern
    super-bad: jews

    The communists implemented it like this

    super-good: the communist ideologues themselves
    good: workers
    bad: anyone in power before the revolution
    super-bad: fascists

    Black supremacists implement it like this

    super-good: the black supremasist ideologues themselves
    good: black people, similar races
    bad: all non-dark races
    super-bad: white people

    All racists implement it like this

    super-good: my own race
    good: similar races
    bad: non-similar races
    super-bad: a specific race they hate for some historic reason

    This is how you can see, that the protest movement that is currently sweeping the US is racist. But it is on the left, so it does not (yet) hate white people who agree, for example by flagellating themselves. Seriously, that's what the protestors do.

    It also has communist properties, since it also hates those who have power, or in their language: people who "act white".

    A few more properties of ideologies:

    • they do ignore the individual and are not ready to see them for anything apart from the group they categorize them in
    • they call for and implement surveillance
      • of those they disagree with
      • once they have taken power, then of everyone
    • they hate everyone who disagrees
    • their members show religious zeal
    • they hate science and reason
      • math apparently is racist to the current leftist ideologues
      • of course they hate biology (Hitler didn't like that he was 1/4 jewish)
    • they don't like christians
      • the leftist ideologues in the US call for the destruction of statues of Jesus, because apparently Jesus stands for the oppresion through white people. Imagine that, a non-caucasian, near eastern jew, who was certainly not white, apparently stands for the suppression by white people...
    • once in power they kill millions

    So, keep your eyes open people. The ideologues are on the rise. Don't fall for ideologies, and when you see one, fight it with all you have to spare. Because even if ideologies favor you, they will make you live in hell later on.

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