@kaia_ said in Is Capitalism Evil?: @pe7erpark3r So we can say that it is good as long as we avoid manipulations at any level and by any group. Market forces will helpful if the rules are properly followed, then we need to change our consumer behaviour, and teach the children right. We won't avoid manipulations. I'm a realist, not a dreamer. People will manipulate. However this is an important topic indeed: virtue. And I will write something about that too, because it actually does play a big role in politics too. Because no matter how good the system is, the more people do evil in society, the more definite it becomes that the system breaks. You cannot mitigate immorality except by fighting immorality itself in the place where it sits: the individual! We can't avoid manipulations, but we can and should put mechanisms in place, that minimize the effects of a single manipulation. We also need mechanisms that favor transparency, however not forgetting that secret meeting too are an essential part of making politics. You mentioned another important issue: groups. People form lobbies. They push their own interests. This is also natural and has both good and bad effects on society. We will talk about this too in one of the upcoming articles... Changing consumer behaviour is an important task indeed. We do need morals, and we need to give our children a framework in which they can safely work their way as they grow, deal with things one at a time.