Purpose? "they smell the soul-flowers and enjoy their suffering" ( la femme)

  • "I" lose myself in time. When time is an illusion. A very good illusion we cannot "see".
    Hope to lose myself in the moment. The moment when I don't realize the moment.
    However, the moment always ends the moment "I" come back, I lose myself in time again. Brain storing memories from the high of the moment. The high of meaning in all forms, love, drugs, chemicals... "I" start craving the memories and start building systems for another goal. A goal that'll transcend the high or at least come close to the high I witnessed were possible. As I am bound to addiction to meaning. Bound to endlessly pursue meaning in an otherwise purposeless life.

    However, the fact that we even exist is good enough reason to keep living. Our timeline on the universes time scale is so small. Yet, we live a life we do not wish. And, bringing back the dead is impossible. So, please do take care of your life as it is precious. Life is the balance of good and bad. Without the bad, the suffering. We won't be able to give good to people, including yourself. Do whatever tf you want want have a lit death. A death that you accepted based on your "life". We will all die 1day anyways.