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    Sally Williams

    Sally was a 12 year old girl she's normally seen in a pink bloody ripped dress and white socks with cuts all over her and blood dripping from her head if you wanna know how you summon her I'll tell you now

    Lay in your bed and hold a teddy in your arms and chant little murdered girl ×3

    Let's get into her origin

    Sally is a 12 year old girl one day when her uncle, Jonny, tucked her into bed he raped her and said this was just a "game" he also said not to tell her mother but because she was petrified she agreed but it kept happening so one day she said to her mother "I didn't wanna play this game" her mother had no clue what she was talking about but Jonny was hearing all of this her mother told the father about what little miss sally said so Jonny went to the mother and said he and Sally were going to the shop and that Sally wanted to go but Sally didn't know they were actually going to the park and she was beaten and raped again then he hit her with a rock and she died she was left on the grass to die but she came back as a ghost and scared her uncle to death (literally) and now she lives in her home scaring the parents or people but playing with the youngsters

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