Depression and anti-social issues. We all need help.

  • @seropnio @Rex also, Depression and anxiety is on the rise. Almost everyone i know is suffering from these problems and it seems to be because of how intense everything seems to be right now almost like strong pressure everywhere, and we are all feeling this pressure. You're absolutely right, "we all need help". Just hang in there because I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel because everyone is finally getting to see the deception that has been screwing all of us over.....Stay Strong

  • Look I too suffer from depression, and some days are harder than most but I decided to stop taking my meds because I didn't like becoming a zombie, devoid of all emotions. To share: I attempted suicide 7 times and on the 7th attempt I felt like a complete failure like I couldn't even get that right when I woke up in hospital. My best friend visited me and said "Not even god wants you" which at first made me more upset and depressed. But while laying in that bed struggling to sleep those word stuck in my head and I made a conscious decision that there was a plan for my life (I didn't believe in god, i didn't know if it was true but chose to believe in this plan) but I chosen to see this through and embrace the highs and lows. Right now as I share this I'm going through a low. But I will share and hope it will help someone find themselves.

  • I guess anti-social state of mind is one of the reasons of popularity of Internet. Depression, stress, chronic fatigue and anxiety are 21st century plague.. USA and other "first world" countries are leaders in consuming of anti-depressans, I was surprised to find out the ammount of money people spend at Canadian Pharmacy Online and local drugstores. Everybody wants to buy a better life.

  • @TheStrangest i need help

  • In such situation you have to help yourself no one will going to look after you

  • If anyone has figured out how not to be an anti social depressive shithead, let me know. I’m not very good at subsidizing my depression 🤨

  • @thestrangest i have been diagnosed by many doctors, don’t act like you know everything. How fucking rude.

  • @thestrangest i’ve been in psychwards many times and every doctor has said I have major depression and Bipolar 1 disorder, don’t assume i’ve never been diagnosed.

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @megatron said in Depression and anti-social issues. We all need help.:

    @thestrangest i have been diagnosed by many doctors, don’t act like you know everything. How fucking rude.

    Sorry i forgot i was talking to you, thought you were a random teenager

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