Black holes are surely one of the most incredible phenomena in the universe. Their masses are so concentrated that their gravitational pull is powerful; nothing, not even light, can escape from inside them.
    As the star gets sucked up into the black hole, a huge jet of plasma is burped out, spanning hundreds of light-years. "When the star is ripped apart by the gravitational forces of the black hole, some part of the star's remains falls into the black hole, while the rest is ejected at high speeds," explains Johns Hopkins University researcher, Suvi Gezari.




  • @Bill-Dhivid I read it somewhere, black hole is a star, invisible, vacuum.. there are hundreds, maybe thousands in space. It just like a vacuum cleaner that cleans up space. It makes even light feel heavy. But it's not a hole. Holes have an entry and and exit. Black hole didn't. What's inside a black hole? :) Simple, a little guy with a torch looking for a fuse box.

  • Where do things go once they enter a black hole?

  • We are so small in the universe

  • @Bill-Dhivid There it is the problems of our own lives is our egos, when the bigger picture really doesn't care but is so interesting to see and explore

  • @Bill-Dhivid Let's travel through a black hole to find out. I believe we can managed to return to our beautiful little blue ellegant safest place in the entire wide spooky universe safe and sound.

  • @kaia_ alright I'm taking you after dinner, pack some necessary stuffs like food bcz no idea how long are we gonna trapped in that.
    Call me when you're ready.
    And that was really long and really good description about our planet.

  • @Bill-Dhivid I'm ready.. Escape singularity of Cygnus X-1. Maximum warp!

  • @kaia_
    Well each blackhole was once a star . it happen with big giant stars when they die (used up all fuel in it). And then the core gravity of it tries to collapse the whole star's mass n make it so dens which made its gravity so powerful which can swallow anything near to it even light !
    So amazing to think about it !!
    Well it is like hole . nothing can come out from it . like u drop ur ring in washbasin. Well u can pump it buck . but there is no pump which can u use to get ur ring back from black hole.
    Btw if u sun became bsckhole (its not possible tho) it will be size of a pea.

  • @kaia_ Though I respect your opinion I will have to politely disagree. Your thoughts and words leave my own seeming half-formed, and scattered, by comparison. My humble opinion.

  • Global Veteran One Woman Army Freedom Writers

    @Bill-Dhivid There's nothing nerdy about this post. Tsk. The galaxy is a fascinating thing, isn't it? Just blows your mind away whenever you discover something new. Well it already does that with it's beauty but you get what I mean.

  • @nightshifter the dimensional information about black hole is completely unknown, can't tell about where do the objects goes, neither a matter nor a photon particle cannot escape from there.
    The attempts researchers are making is just to study the behaviour of light under this wierd gravitational pull. Recently they did a setup where they could trap inside a photonic crystal.
    One-of-a-kind microscope enables breakthrough in quantum science, so they are doing at microscopic level.
    The fundings and sponsorsfor such projects isn't as big as habitilation on Mars.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    This is jus soo interesting duds

  • @Pepsigurl yea bud,
    What fascinates you about this? wanna share?

  • @kaia_ how are ya?
    holes can have entry and the same exit,
    Blackholes have entry, the space is a vaccum unless we are counting dark matters but A black hole is a region in space where the pulling force of gravity is so strong that light is not able to escape. The strong gravity occurs because matter has been pressed into a tiny space. This compression can take place at the end of a star's life. Some black holes are a result of dying stars.

    Because no light can escape, black holes are invisible. However, space telescopes with special instruments can help find black holes. They can observe the behavior of material and stars that are very close to black holes.
    I have an interesting article if you wanna read , just an informative article about this.

  • Guys, see that pic the black hole is sucking matters

    The black hole named Cygnus X-1 formed when a large star caved in. This black hole pulls matter from the blue star beside it.
    Credits: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss

  • @Cosmic_Lady and that is again about our innersense if it's weak we are just bounded by our own boundaries which nonetheless trapping ourselves into a black hole.

  • @Bill-Dhivid I am grateful. Thanks for asking.
    Outer space is infinite. Nobody knows anything about space for real. Scientist just use invention, supposition, research facts, and a little imagination. You should mention Stephen Hawking, without him we could never understand black holes.

  • @kaia_ ok sending him an invitation letter i wish he could join us. He indeed was a genius guy but he left many mysteries behind. Hopefully we could have more results to make some clear points, at least we could understand the one we have in our galaxy.
    But his own big bang theory is left unanswered, we hope there's a new astrophysicist we might get.
    It would have been my second choice if would not have been into the classical.

  • @kaia_ It is my understanding that as a star burns out it gets more and more dense until not even light can escape the gravitational pull. Therefore I guess every star becomes a black hole. The other question is how is a star created in the first place?

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