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    I was just wondering ... 🤔
    what should I post today ..🙂
    Why is my mind so empty..🙄😕
    Why is my heart beating like this ……💓💓
    Why am i so crazy 😍
    What drives me crazy..🤔😜
    Feeling like I'm flying💕💕
    so I have no words to write 🤗🤗

    I can't explain my feelings ...
    maybe i fell in love 💏
    Love has no age 🤓

    I want to know what we feel when we fall in love... 🤗
    though this isn't new to me. 😂

    Looks like a Random post 🙄

  • If love had no age then pedophila would not have existed

  • @Katherine-k A feeling of positivity, a sort of eagerness, bliss. It's more than just infatuation. Falling in love is mostly stretched over a period of time.
    " Love has no age " I feel you meant that falling in love can happen at any age, at any point in one's lifetime. Is that what you meant?

  • "love has no age"

    tell that to the authorities

  • @Master-Wolff I think you had a bit of a misunderstanding here with what the intent or the reasoning for the post was. It looks like @Katherine-k explained what the post was about and even adjusted her title. I appreciated the apology, we should all strive for understanding and trying to know more about others until we judge them. In that same spirit, @knownsense I understand where you're coming from, too. You were trying to explain the intent behind the post but it seems that MW has gotten the point. I believe it's about time we drop all this, after all this post was made not by us but by Katherine. If you both have any comments or further thoughts, I would recommend trying to direct them towards the post and not each other. We're all humans and make mistakes, but we should try to empathize and have patience.


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    @AAfro25-5 Thank you Aaf.. You came for me.
    I couldn't handle anything.. You're my True friend..

  • This post is deleted!

  • Don’t let the haters stand in your way, everyone has the right to pursue happiness (I’m not saying it’s cool for older men to hang around schools) in said pursuit

  • Honestly I think it’s more of a reference to an older song age ain’t nothing but a number maybe she just a young adult say 18 & she’s into someone 15 years her senior I don’t endorsed pedophilla one bit as a father to a little girl I would break necks if she was 16 envolved with some who was say 23 just a example

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    I wrote this for myself .. and it has nothing to do with anyone.. Plz be positive ..
    @Rupin @Greymatter @Master-Wolff
    Thanks for response.. 🤗🤗🤗
    but my question was what we feel when we fall in love..🙂🙂

    But no one answer my this question.. 🙄🙄

  • It’s more than a feeling I’m not sure anyone can put it in words for you other then only u know what is right for you if what she’s into makes you uneasy u don’t need advice u know deep inside u ur in over your head and that’s ok no one should be forced to do something they are not completely comfortable with there’s a reason those like myself have a safe word to end the session I wish u the best in ur future going forward from here

  • @Katherine-k well wondeful, I apreciate it well written, I agree age is number if I am conscious and aware of it not to hurt my sourroinding.. there are dear loving phedophele love kids you know, they do hurt innocent humble soul because of desire greed and lust 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.. please this site is full of mikeJB and his companions so be care full

  • @Katherine-k it’s simple although the 2 of u may connect in a lot of ways outside of her sexual preferences when she approached u with a request no matter how crazy u may have thought it was that was a big step for her to open up to u about it & I think it does show a connection between u2 but doing what I do it’s vital to have communication and most of the time couples can find common ground where ur comfortable and she’s getting what she wants, I can tell you I’m never surprised on the requests I get from females stuff u would never think someone would be into

  • @Katherine-k we feel lost( which is as bad as it is good).

  • @Rupin Stop consuming lot of space

  • @Rupin 🤣🤣thanks for the answer !! Anyway so mike JB is wanko behind the screen

  • MORBHEAD Global Veteran SPARTAN

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    @GreyWind .. Well yes you could say..
    I have written this for myself.. I love with the man of my age.. And And I'm just sharing my feelings. Nothing else.. pity me plz..

  • @Katherine-k It's nice to read your words. You are to freely express and share them 😊
    Keep writing.

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    @GreyWind Thank you so much for increasing my morale

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