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  • Yesterday, a group of boys went past my house and kept saying one of my friends had rabies but she didn't. They kept going around and saying that and I was mad. So when they went past again I told them that they are bullying and it isn't cool. I saod they shouldn't be doing it and not to say anything around me again. I hate bullying because I have a friend who had a friend that got bullyed and killed herself because of it. I stand up to every single bully I see whether they look like they can beat me up or not.

  • that song you said you liked i gave you (9 yrs old), is about just that. bullying. if you see the lyrics, you would see that the boys tease him and chase him into the water and he cant swim. i was bullied my whole life. i beleive bullies and those that get off on the misery of others should be thrown off the highest cliff, blindfolded, and hopefully hitting every jagged rock along the way. i DESPISE them. sadly, our own President is one of the biggest

  • bullies and anyone who thrives on others' misery serve society no positive purpose and should be dispatched and eradicated

  • Why were you bullied? You don't have to answer if you don't want to. But I'm curious.

  • @Elli-James Thank you for sticking up for your friend. We all need that. My bro has always been bullied at school, I always stick up for him and even if I get hurt it worth getting the risk because I just can't let go, especially for my love ones.

  • You're welcome!

  • one last thing about bullies: FIGHT BACK HARD! when they are assailing you and you cower, they see that and it boosts their ego. they bully because no one yet has stood up and busted their mouth. so be the first! stand up for yourself and swing with all your might. even if you lose the fight, you showed you are not scared anymore. others will see that and they will see the bully for what he is. a coward and a loser. and when you do hit him, break his fkn knee or knock out his teeth. do something so that the next time he is about to harass another innocent soul, he will feel that pain on his body and think twice. better to die standing than on your knees

  • That is true.

  • @mikeJB Oh I see. Thank you ☺️🕊️ I'm a school Asian girl at school always been picking up on for that reason. Is only twice that I had enough and decided to fight back. I never been bullied since.
    If I didn't do anything wrong I'm very confident,
    I won't let anyone hurt me or other if I can help.

  • @mikeJB Later my bro and me went to martial art lessons and we already knew Thai kick boxing so learning a bit of self-defence do help us a lot in many fights that we have faced.

  • @Elli-James☺️🕊️🌼

  • @mikeJB I'm glad everything is over now. Nobody would dare to hurt me or my family anymore.

  • @ANYA_TH my father was the biggest bully i ever knew. beat and even tried to run over my mother. and i have nightmares to this day of me wishing i could rise up when i was a kid and fight back and to damage to that man. but i failed. i vowed it would never happen again in front of me

  • @mikeJB Many nightmares in our family and personal life too, growing up with depression.
    I took medication for many years, learnt to be strong in body and mind. I can't turn back the time, I just learnt to except it and moved on.
    I can feel you, been there before.

  • @ANYA_TH medication here, also. for anxiety. i also have mild autism and PTSD. all from what i saw as a kid

  • @mikeJB After seeing to these through our family and relatives. Relationship issues it made me myself today. I decided to stand alone and enjoy my life without a partner. I made myself a business woman, kept myself busy, enjoy every moment in life with no regrets. It was the happiest thing I've ever done in my life. Still seeing people getting hurt by one other, but so greatful to not have to face that challenge anymore, like I used to. I've been living myself for nearly 15 years now. Though my family is near we all learnt that we have our own space and respect each other on that.

  • @ANYA_TH thats why i embrace nature and her animals and take care of them when i can. protecting them from others harm. i trust animals more than people these days anyway

  • My little sister and big brother have autisim and my other brother and the same little sister have ADHD. My mom and dad thought nothing was wrong with me because I didn't have anything like that. But then I was hit with depression. I don't have to take medication yet.

  • my depression isn't big though.