• Many people asking themselves..
    Do i look ugly?
    Am i cursed?
    Do people love seriously?
    Why people always telling lie?
    Am i not enough for him/her?
    Do i deserve this?
    Am i useless?

    yes, this is some of the questions you have heard before or some questions you have been asking to yourself lately.

    We are not born to doubt ourselves, we are not here just to feel the burden, we don't deserve to be unloved, to be abandoned and we don't deserve that is bad for us .

    You can change everything, you can do anything as long as you are true to yourself. There is nothing we can't do.

    Just trust in him ☝️,pray for him, and ask anything from him. Let God be your way so that he can guide you no matter what will you do and wherever you will go, everything will follow.

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