• Hello, my name is Eric i am a married man that is missing out on a great chance to be a good friend and i seriously mean friend only to a wonderful female. I have talked to my wife about this on several occasions and this is a compromise we came up with. I miss having female associates there's alot of learning and growing that I personally feel that i miss out on by having only a few male friends. For an example I sense myself becoming more arrogant and nostalgic because i like to stay in shape and most of my guy friends dont care at all about that, where as a female friend who enjoys working out and competing would help push me to my goals. I know most of you are probably thinking that im being sleezy or something but me and my wife dont share the same hobbies at all but i love her to death and i would never ruin our 10yr marriage. Like i said we have come to this agreement that i can have online female friends and thats completely fine with me. Thank you for reading.

    Tl:dr I've been married for 10 years, my wife agreed that I can have female friends online platonically.

  • Hello Eric, I too, am only seeking a friend to connect with. The internet can be a challenge to find like minded individuals that aren't out for a quick high.

    During the lockdown I stopped weight training in favor of going into a calorie deficit until Fall. Once my fall classes begin, so will my training. I have things written on my profile if you wanted to see if we had more things in common.

    Good luck in your endeavor.

  • Hey thanks for the quick response! Yes the "social distancing" is a major burden on my fitness goals so i hear you. Since my gym closed I've been doing calisthenics at home, but its not enough lol. What are your fitness goals? I am currently cutting so im also in a caloric deficit.

  • @EHebert12 How are you doing calisthenics from home? Do you have the bars or hanging rings to practice?

    I enjoy my dumbbells. Most of my exercise are done at home, so not having the gym has little affect on me. When I am at the gym, I gravitate to the machine to help assist me with my pull ups and dips. When I was lifting, my weights ranged from 15lbs-50lbs. I bulked up, but my diet wasn't quite right, so I am going back to school come fall to learn more about weight training and some music of course. I love music.

    I am between an Endomorph and a Mesomorph so it can be tricky. I can gain muscle quickly, but if I do not watch my calorie intake, it will make it difficult. Finding the right level is a challenge and a reason my weight is always fluctuating. So I have to be strict with my protein intake while watching those calories as well.

    I would like to learn more. I have always been drawn towards more muscular, but not as big as a body builder status. My father is a body builder, though in recent years he has cut back due to his heart.

  • @EHebert12 Platonic friendship is really tough. It requires immense level of emotional maturity. Everyone has their own feelings and emotions. What if we have caught up in the middle of platonic friendship, especially for the one sided love? Some can take it emotionally well, some can't. And no one is right or wrong.

  • hey...
    i am in similar boat. How is it going for you.

  • @GreenRebel can v have some chat? Something nice and something naughty 😁🌹

  • @Syver-Ali sure.
    but u will have to hand hold me... i am new here.

  • @GreenRebel fortunately i m new too