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    This World has won, and the Heart has lost,
    I had never thought that we’d be separated after meeting..
    Living without you, 😐
    is like the heart without a beat,💗
    how do I explain to the world,
    what this love is..💖

    Now let’s do something such
    in this love of ours,😚😚
    if we get separated,
    let’s die without breathing..😚😚

    O My Lord,
    Tell us what’s written in the lines (of fate)
    I just,
    I have just loved..💕💕

  • @Katherine-k lovely Katherine! Parting is such sweet sorrow

  • Perfect love is a failure , and having a idea of love which is broken and fall for some one else idealogy of love a failure memories, discuss about it, to keep busy in mind,regreting feeling bad and pitty for the self, all it does stop growing or knowing the self.
    wondering about could have should have, would have, connecting past memories to future illusion, living in it , is it make sense for you ??

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    @knownsense You are right
    This is a failure of love.
    And these lines are also true because it has happened ..
    Because sometimes even after a lot of effort, love loses.
    These are some of my lines who's telling about lost love...

  • Unconditional love..
    I can sense it from Ur words.

  • Pandilla de Pandas Freedom Writers

    Awww kat 💓

  • Banned

    @PapaVenom0156 thank you bro.. To think about me.. and I'm not bro.. I'm gal 🙂

  • @Katherine-k powerful

  • @Katherine-k Katherine I'm allowed to comment, you're my friend. Keep your thoughts and writing coming, always emotional, always relatable, you're a talent 😊

  • @Katherine-k we're all Jock Tamson's bairns here Katherine! Only Scottish guy will understand that. Bairns are children in our language. It's our way of saying we all come from the same place so we shouldn't be racist to anyone, we get taught that from a young age and it works well, we have a good multicultural community here

  • @Katherine-
    Loving unconditionally is love ,and should do in compassion.
    What u expressed as love sounds needed with condition. Rules and regulations, too much attached for a image in your brain and creating a sensation to it, making to believe in you mind that it is a as feeling specifically as love !!

  • Unconditional love.
    I can sense it from your words.. 🙃

  • @Katherine-k
    Unconditional love.
    I can sense it from your words. 🙃

  • @Katherine-k
    I agree for remembrance for a moment , it's nice to feel. memories are good but living in your memories,is past and connecting to your future, is illusion. trying to fix the past losses ,thinking now for future could have should have would have,. do not matter how you try it, its gone long time ago,isn't it ??

  • Banned

    Why? @knownsense Don't ugly people deserve friendship? It's OK...
    i had many questions for you but now haven't ..

  • ABOOBS Chocolate Lovers ;) Soul Searchers SEEKERS

    @Katherine-k There's a pain in my heart that I'm feeling today,
    for the love of my life feels further each day.

    The sorrow is so much and the pain is so deep.
    I've hurt her again' I can't even sleep.

    But I now know the problem, the curse of our love.
    It was buried inside me, with no sight from above.

    And now that I see it, I force it away.
    Yet I fear that I've lost her, nevermore can I say

    that I love her so deeply and regret all the pain,
    and I know it's my fault; no one else can I blame.

    And I search for an answer, somewhere above
    and hope she'll forgive me and remember our love.

    For I can't live without her and could never move on,
    for how can one live when what they live for is gone?

    Walls are closing around me; I sink slowly each day,
    yet I cling to a hope that seems far away

    that she will return to me and feel my embrace.
    I miss her so badly and the beauty of her face

    as she slept there beside me, never knowing the truth,
    that I would smile there beside her, and be thankful for the proof

    that someone does care, for I have known this angel,
    and I'd softly kiss her cheek, the moment so blissful.

    And I'd hold her all night and feel so at peace,
    yet I never told her these things; now I watch as she flees.

    But I know she remembers it, the love that I gave,
    and I hope she can forgive me, the cause of her pain.

    For like an angel from heaven, she came into my life.
    Now I plead one last time, for one last chance to make it right.

    Yet I fear it won't heal; how I've ripped us apart,
    but I must let her know what's inside this broken heart.

    That I love her so much and I've made a mistake,
    and I hope she won't leave because it's my heart she will take.

    We were in love for so long; I know she remembers.
    It started three years ago that night in September.

    I will never forget how I felt that cold night;
    my breath taken away by the beauty of her sight.

    I write these words now with tears in my eyes,
    for I love her so much; I sit and I die.

    I'm so lost without her, don't want her to go,
    not without me saying what I need her to know.

    That I've always loved her and miss her each day,
    yet the hope that she loves me drifts further away.

    I just want her to know how I truly feel,
    and to know that my words are nothing but real.

    And it doesn't take a special time to make a new start;
    it takes only desire and true love from the heart.

  • @Katherine-k please dont I never mentioned you as ugly and I never will , all are beautiful and wonderful including you , your are most beautiful person I see here and don't assume and be jurdgemental I was being funny to make you laugh I do it right away follow you I have no problem to do it

  • @Katherine-k Test. Testing. Tester. TEST.

  • @Katherine-k bro I look at topics and want to make people so damn triggered but not this I hope you are well dude and take care bro don’t let the world taking you down man 🤟

  • ABOOBS Chocolate Lovers ;) Soul Searchers SEEKERS

    @Katherine-k I could dream of you forever,
    But it wouldn't put me beside you.

    I could call your name on end,
    But you'll never hear me.

    I could ask a million questions,
    But I'll never get the answer I want.

    I could write a hundred poems,
    But you would still never understand.

    I could have said it before it was time to leave,
    But I said it in a little note.

    I could try to forget what I feel,
    But I've pushed too much out already.

    I could lie to myself,
    But lying exhausts the soul.

    I could give up on you,
    But too much of me still loves you.

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