• I just wanna know the point of view of everyone in this and not what the media has told. Talk as a free speaker

  • Banned

    Firstly you write down your thoughts, that what you think about Islam @Arvin_

  • @Arvin_ From what I have seen Islam, like christianity and probably lots of other religions is all about good things but gets hijacked and subverted by extremists to push their own agendas under a cloak of righteousness. I don't think Islam can be singled out and for sure Christians were going to the Muslim world and wreaking carnage and conquest for a thousand years from the crusades onwards before some factions came to the western world and did the same. It's far too complex and diverse to be swept under one umbrella. Basically most people are good, some are evil and that's the same the world over

  • It's not a religion of terrorism and it's disgusting how some people use it as an excuse for terrorism. People who call it a religion of terrorism don't understand theology and history.

  • It depends on how seriously one wants to take the Koran and not remove it from its religious imperialism that fit a certain time and place. Like much of the Old Testament, the culture and structure of society has completely changed from when it was written and makes no sense removed out of its context. What was written was written with a certain time period and people in mind, not to be used for countless generations to come with no changes. the language of the Koran is very imperialistic and war like because that was what it took to spread Islam back in Mohammed's time. Like the wars of the Israelites, the mandates given are no longer applicable. Like the Bible, many will twist it to suit what they want to say.

  • @Katherine-k I just wanted to know everyone's opinion before I commented...

  • @Katherine-k What do u think?

  • @Scottish I totally agree with yo point. The Qur'an has just been wrongly interpreted to followers of Islam by people who wanna create terrorism. The Quran is just interpreted wrongly so that a group of people can pass there ideology using terrorism.

  • Yes it's clearly a religion of terrorism

  • All religions are created so that humanity can simultaneously connect with its community, it’s culture, and the nature that surrounds us all. No religion that is designed to spread terror lasts very long. Islam is a bit stricter than most religions, but I think we can all learn from the devotion of Muslims.
    I myself am Christian, but I think the pilgrimage to Mecca is the greatest example on how a love beyond human understanding is the only way we humans can overlook the discriminations we face in the global world, such as race, ethnicity, financial background, royalty. It was enough to make Malcolm X radically change is entire lifestyle.

  • @Arvinn why u don't make a poll for voting?

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