For those people who feel "Bored" at staying home for the quarantine and say some foolish things!!

  • Remember that there are many poor and homeless people around the world who wish to hv what u hv so try to be postive and embrace what u hv and be grateful!!!
    Left on the door step
    I am freezing to death
    My lips are blue
    My finger tips icy
    I am shaking
    It’s below zero
    There is no where to go
    No shelter
    I can’t get out of this cold
    Teeth chattering
    A single tear frozen to my face
    This is no place for grace
    My feet frozen to the ground
    I am anything but found
    Left on the streets
    Can’t find anything to eat
    I wish I was in a warm home
    But I have no home
    The streets are where I sleep

  • @Evil-_-Isaac hi there am fine how u doin?

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