no school for the rest of the year has changed my life entirely

  • I will never be able to see my friends until next year. I donโ€™t even remember theโ€™re faces. ๐Ÿ˜ญ I promised my friends something, and Iโ€™m failing in e learning. Wtf is even 2020

  • @Apricot hugs itโ€™s ok just tell us how to help and youโ€™ll remember your friends once you lay eyes on them again.

  • @Apricot You're online, Sounds like the time for some pic trading or face-timing. You can stay close, while being apart. Oh, also, your folks might be able to reach out to your local school district and ask for some tutoring while studying at home. Since there are a LOT of people stuck inside, some are tutors and teachers with not much to do, who are lending a hand, via internet. Check that out, might work well