• It’s like some of us wake up day to day hoping things will change, sometimes they never do.
    I hope you see the light
    In every day
    No matter how small,
    And fall in love with it..even in the dark.

    Minha terra tem palmeiras
    Onde canta o sabiá.
    As aves que aqui gorjeiam
    Não gorjeiam como lá.

    Nosso céu tem mais estrelas,
    Nossas várzeas têm mais flores.
    Nossos bosques têm mais vida,
    Nossa vida mais amores.

    Em cismar, sozinho, à noite,
    Mais prazer encontro eu lá.
    Minha terra tem palmeiras
    Onde canta o sabiá.

    Minha terra tem primores
    Que tais não encontro eu cá;
    Em cismar – sozinho, à noite –
    Mais prazer encontro eu lá.
    Minha terra tem palmeiras
    Onde canta o sabiá.

    Não permita Deus que eu morra
    Sem que eu volte para lá;
    Sem que desfrute os primores
    Que não encontro por cá;
    Sem que ainda aviste as palmeiras
    Onde canta o sabiá.
    (Prolly gonna leave TWS) 😂

  • Dont really understand the Spanish part and why are u going to leave bro

  • Life is a characteristic that distinguishes physical entities that have biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustaining processes, from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased, or because they never had such functions and are classified as inanimate.

  • @The-Joker I've already said this to so many people 😒😂 and now i'm gonna say it to you. I'm not even sure if this is gonna answer your question 😂
    But lemme tell you that EVERYBODY HAS UPS AND DOWNSSSS it's normal... Aight so i've noticed that less and less people take responsibility for there life. Less people master their emotions. They don't run there life
    They allow life to run them. There probs are blamed on everyone and everything. They never take responsibility for there own life and they never take responsibility for how they feel. Does life happen to you? or does life happen for you?
    Do you believe that everything happens for a reason that benefits you in some way?
    Or do you believe that life is hard and that your looking for "luck"?
    What if every painful experience in your life was actually sent to benefit you, to make you stronger, to make you wiser, to make you better.
    What if every single challenge your facing was to make you stronger?
    What if the difficult person (which is me and other people i think ) was actually sent to teach you something
    a reminder of how not to treat people. What if all the loss you have experienced was sent to make you appreciate life more. The truth is that every human being decides on how there going to live there life bc we all decide what meaning we give to each and every moment in our lives.
    We don't decide what shows up but we do decide how we show up. We don't decide the circumstances that arrive each day but we decide how we are going to react . listen to me...there is no such thing as actual reality there's only our perception of reality. There's only your version of it. If you think about anything or any event it will be completely different to many other people. I think i'm getting off topic 😂
    Some people drudge through life. They get by. Others live life, they make the most of it, they appreciate the little things which makes a huge difference in their lives.
    Don't worry what other people do. What do you do? Do you appreciate all the good in your life? Do you even look for the good each day? Do you wake up every day expecting great things to come everyday? Do you feel compassion when someone is not acting your standards? Do you believe that every tough moment was sent to make you stronger, and in some way improve your life?

    Every meaning you give to everything in your life...it literally makes your life. It's our decisions that control our lives and our destiny.
    Ai I don't even think this answered your question 😂 idk life is precious don't waste it on doing drugs and shit it makes you feel better but it won't make your life better

  • Salsa time.

  • @genesisiossss in ways that helped me more than words could explain 🥺👉🏽👈🏽

  • @coolguy186 its not spanish

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    Thank you 😁

  • @genesisiossss no u are a fucking child end of story i aint dealing with ur shit rn a family member of mine is in the hospital ok

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  • please stop. Three of you were like edward, bella n jacob.