• Okay, so I don't know if I'm gonna make this thing like a series or sum with a bunch of stories of the dumb shit I've done or been apart of, but I do have a lot of stories so I might. But here's the first story....

    I am actually grounded right now. The other day (the 22nd of August) My step-mom picked up my boyfriend from work, he works at the food lion 5 miles away from were we live. Yes, I said "we." No, we don't live together, he is my neighbor. As I was saying, My step-mom was picking up my boyfriend from work and picking up Chinese food for dinner since their is a Chinese place next to the food lion. So my step-mom dropped my boyfriend off at his house so he could shower and eat something because he doesn't eat Chinese food. So he drove his truck down after he was done getting ready and we were in the kitchen for a bit talking with my parents. We then migrated to my room and after a while we started making out. Now, we couldn't do much because I was on my period, but he eventually pulled my shirt and bra down and was sucking and licking my boobs and nipples. My step-mom was on the phone with a friend of hers so we thought we had some time. Well, my step-mom had gotten off the phone and quietly snuck back to my room and caught me on top of him, grinding against each other, and him sucking on my boobs. My mom made him go home and then she had a talk with me....

    Should I make a part two of what was said to us and the punishments we got?

    1. So intrigued as to what the food lion is
    2. When you say things like "migrated to my room" it makes me think your creative writing talents are wasted on this shit.

  • yea it is... food lion is like a grocery store

  • @Alicey2k @ok_britt-ney you know you chillax , fellow already Menton it's s story so let her brain enhance towards her own little rabbit hole

  • @ok_britt-ney yeah will definitely read the second part