• okay so here's the part two of everything that happened after we got caught

    So after my boyfriend went home, my step-mom told me that me and him were being disrespectful to her, my dad, and his parents. She lectured me on how I'm only 14 years old and shouldn't be acting like that even if I'm almost 15 and other stuff like that. I didn't really get in that much trouble honestly. I was more worried for my boyfriend because his family is very religious and stuff and I knew he'd get the worse end of the stick. My parents never set a punishment, they just agreed with the punishment that his mom set for him, which was we are not aloud to see each other for awhile. Which I expected for that to be like maybe a month or so, but I'm literally going to his mom's birthday party this coming Saturday so I'll see him AND they're my ride there because my parents have to work. Other than that though he didn't really get in much trouble. Now, my step-mom and my dad said some very rude shit to me about the situation. My step-mom told my I'm turning into a low life drug addicted whore like my mom and that hurt because I was really close with my real mom until she started making bad decisions which I'll talk about in a different post. Then my dad compared my mistakes to my mothers mistakes and there was a lot of comments made about my mother basically which hurt me really badly. So badly that I ended up in a real bad depression state, I'm kind of okay now. Oh and I have an appointment next month to visit my gynecologist to get put on birth control because my step-mom doesn't want me to get knocked up. Which I don't really mind the birth control because I getting and IUD which stands for Intrauterine Device. It's this thing that attaches to my uterus and it last for like 5 years and stuff. It'll either stop my periods completely or make them very not often so I like that part. But that's all that happened. Wasn't really that bad honestly, which was good.

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