How Hitler was a dolphin !

  • So first of all we have to explain how hitler was a dolphin. the Idea is in itself wrong, since hitler wasnt a dolphin, but dolphins are actually Hitler !!

    How do I know that ? heres the evidence:

    • No one has ever seen a dolphin before 1889.
      Seriously You could ask anyone.

    • Dolphins love to do drugs.
      They sniff pufferfish all the time. Hitler was also a heavy drug user and even prescribed meth to his soldiers.

    • No one has ever seen Hitler and dolphins in the same room together.
      Well ... thats because Dolphin is Hitler !!!

    • No one has ever seen two dolphins in one room together either.
      Thats because there is just one dolphin and THATS Hitler.

    • When Hitler "shot himself" he actually just left his mortal vessel behind (his human form) and transformed into a dolphin and swam away in the spree
      (thats the river that flows through Berlin)
      In this article you can read that whales have been spotted in the spree multiple times since then.

    • And lastly but not the least
      Hitler "shot" himself with a "Walther PPK 7.65".
      Now if we change every letter to is correspondent number and the other way around we get 23112208518161611GFE.
      If we add all those numbers together we get 49 GFE. if we now change "GFE" back to numbers we get 49765 anf if we count all that together as well we get 31.
      If we take away the 3 (because who needs it anyway) we get 1.
      Now what is the 1st letter of the alphabet? A!
      What is hitlers 1st Name? Adolf!
      What happens when we take away the 1st letter of the alphabet that is also the 1st letter of hitlers 1st name?
      We are left with DOLF!!!!!
      ....OR MORE LIKE DOLFIN!!!
      WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!!!!!!

    I rest my case 😎

    P.S. - I understand not everyone will understand my genius and Thats okay . Deep sigh The world is filled with unrealized potential .

    It seems my efforts to educate my less intelligent classmates was a failure as I was forced to quiten myself due to the ignoable worm that fashons itself "History teacher" before I could even begin my thesis on Hitlers Antarctic bases and the Superweapon of Doom . 😢

    My male parental unit (aka father) was called to the principal and coming home he henceforth beat the shit out of me with jumper Cables.

    -THE END-

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    @Jumper-Cable-Guy love the story, look forward to hearing more

  • Verschwörungen!



    UND . . . . . Wahrheit.

    This is why there isn't a dolphin exhibit in the Berlin aquarium. Too many people had already used the local SeaWorld as a Nazi shrine.

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