• Online dating is the new way of dating and meeting new friends, maybe the love of your life! In fact, if you’re a guy, you’ll be surprised to see how many attractive, single women are looking to find the man of their dreams this way too.

    But ok, now you are online, you have created a great profile; Keyword here is CREATE A PROFILE one that attracts the ladies out there, right? You want to be a real ‘catch’, to be reeled in. Just remember, there are thousands of other guys with the same plan as you

    Be honest, be open, share a little of yourself and for god sake be respectful.

  • @Ladydoall30 lol J I'm chuckling away to myself here. I have my fingers crossed but I'm not holding my breath 😊

  • @Ladydoall30 If only there was an as informative Field Manual for other curious female modes of operation. Moods, as example.

    Just one man's opinion here: If a guy doesn't even have these elemental basics down, he probably shouldn't be trying to interact with gals, in the first place. And not just online

  • @Ladydoall30 : Yes, this is right kind of questions, I am looking for a Woman for a Long term Relationship with honest approach, Whenever I find a girl online, I follow her and Reply her and Tell her enough details about myself . and Get the required details from her and Wish to create a healthy conversation , Till now I found many but one way or another they ask some Itunes cards and help for so many reasons. I am looking for a Honest woman for a realationship, with whom I can talk and make a stable relationship

  • @Lazz a field manual, makes it sound like women are a construct, something that has a preset basic function.
    The real world has as many diverse women as well as men as thee are stars in the night sky. The simple fact is if two people Klick then the game is on and I don't just mean in the lowest basic denominator of sex

  • @Lazz yep, you'd think certain basic standards of behaviour would be a given wouldn't you?

  • @Scottish THANK YOU. Glad someone got the point. Word choice aside and all 😁

  • @Scottish They so want to be kicked in the nuts so badly

  • @Scottish I wouldn't say zero, there seem to be many posers out there that just jump at the chance. You just know it when they go from hi, hey, how are you straight to cyber a complete turn off to any real woman. Don't get me wrong cyber can be fun dut the wine and dine that leads up to the excitement is also the fun part.
    So guys, if you are seeing this %99 of real women, will not go down on you after just hi online or even in the real world.

  • @spaceboy a very fair point and love the response, just wish more people on line would just take the time to express their views. Points of view no matter who or where they are coming from as long as it is honest and respectful is more of what it is needed in our online world. thank you

  • @Steve_Junior Just don't give up Steve, remember that golden rule if it is to good to be true then you best suspect it and proceed with caution

  • You get what you give – it’s that simple, really
    When all is said and done, the kind of responses you want from the women on the online dating site will be what you are putting out there.

    You know that saying, “what you put in is what you get out”.

    Did you give your profile some time and interest to be attractive enough to attract the kind of woman you want in your life?

    Are the messages you send the kind that women want to respond to? Are you the real deal?

    Good luck!

  • Online chats are really ideal for light-hearted teasing – you really can also get to know a person like this – more so when you meet her in person.

    It shows a kind of outgoingness and positivity that is attractive to a girl.

    No one is drawn to a negative person all the time. An attractive person is a happy, positive one, sure of themselves and where they are going in Life.

    Positivity will tell in the way you converse with her and mature ladies will know right off the bat.

    You need to express yourself with confidence and if possible, attach a bit of humour.

    It’ll not only make you stand out from the other guys in her circle but get the relationship off to a flying start.

  • @Ladydoall30 Understood. Forgive my choice of vernacular. Lacking sleep and locked down is most likely not the best time to be commenting, here, in the Posts.

  • That would be why walking in a bar does not work anymore nowadays. I really must refresh to the new world!

  • Just came here to say: probably one of the most truthful posts here, very well Lady!

  • Soul Searchers

    @Ladydoall30 hi can we private chat

  • @boomtown i think you are rather missing the point of this topic

  • @Ladydoall30 i know, even when you are spelling it out for them they walk right past it, it's incredible. They're not even interested enough to read posts amd profiles, just desperately charging in in the hope of a pussy lol. The success rate must be zero, it's amazing they don't try something different. And with their appalling lack of imagination they must be fucking lame in the bedroom even if they did get a response from someone 😊😁

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