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    Here are the list of my achievements in insolation period..

    1. 24 hours covid routines - eat, watch tv, sleep -die haha.

    2. Trending vocabularies
      A. Covidiots - persons who hoards and not practicing social distancing.
      B. Covidicks - person who likes to flash their "bell end" 不

    3. Hearing this song

    4. Prediction: There will be a minor babyboom in 9Months, and then one day in 2033 we shall witness the rise of the QUARANTEES

    5. PicsArt_04-06-03.31.47.jpg

    I challenge some of my darlins to right down their great dilemmas not particulary my way but anything that you like to rant @spaceboy @pizzu33 @TheRisingSun @Indrid-Cold @Jess @Div1ne @Morf @nightshifter @Scottish @Putragis and tag atleast 3-5 friends to continue this craziness coz bycovid 19..

    If you are not tag still you can reply, this is open to all covidians I mean twsians.

  • I mean, it's less quarantine, more a terrible kind of freedom, isn't it?
    It's POSSIBLE, I think, TWS trumps the real world because it's so much easier to use. Who'd want to chat with a real world punter when the Shoutbox offers such a NEAT, BASIC, STRIPPED-DOWN means of communication like, ':grimacing: :gun:', 'PLEASE SEND NUDES', and with @Pamela to look after nutters and lovesicks.
    This place is a human zoo, with a bit of everything. @Scottish, tho we've never met, I consider him an honourary schoolfriend cos we share so much 90's CULTURE. And @mozy is like the son I never had because 1 he needs constant entertainment and 2 I don't understand him.
    @spaceboy he wise. And @pe7erpark3r he basically CS Lewis 2020. You want yr soul saving / exploring? Rock up to that guy.
    Above all? You like staring at the horizon, do ya m8? Going out and meeting someone INTERESTING? Well right now, they're in exactly the same position as you, so you might as well stay at home and Talk with some Nutters Strangers.

  • @Bela-Hella Bela you are a darlin' too This is fun!

    1. Routine- just totally fucking out the window, the only things still in place are showering, shaving and brushing my teeth. I'm in lockdown with 9 colleagues so poker and drinking are through the roof
    2. I.am walking miles.each day but on remote isolated beaches with no humans just seals. They are experts at social distancing from humans so it's all cool
    3. Trending vocab - coronasshole, same reasons you gave Bela
    4. I'm stupid and can't upload music to here even though sarah the magpie tried to teach me but my playlist is
      The Police- don't stand so close to me
      Killing Joke- i am the virus
      Joy Division- isolation
      The Clash- lost in the supermarket
    5. I predict no such baby boom, i predict a spate of domestic murders and divorces
      @sarah_the_magpie @Matt_Aranha @DELICIOSA @Cupcake99 @mozy @Sky_Sunshine420 make us laugh and smile

  • @Bela-Hella OK, I'm game. Thanks Rupin!

    1 Get up, feed squirrels, feed self, then get my birds up and ready for their day. Then internet, lunch, long walks outside. Guitar repair, checking on family. Evening: Cook supper, do house chores, later TV or a movie, more internet, Youtube vids on my phone until it's time to try for sleep. Count stars. Repeat, repeat.

    2 Shelter-in-place and STAY SAFE have become common

    3 This song:

    In reference to how Live Chat has been all but taken over by newbies

    4 I will successfully continue to fail at winning the Lotto

    5 Not applicable, no voice chatting here, for this guy
    Next up: @ClaireSheppard, @nymphette, @Vanna24, @Mia-x, and @Akkii

  • Sarah's Fan Club PM MORBHEAD

    @Scottish i didn't read anything or what I'm supposed to do but I'll just....lost the quarantine thingies[?][!][.]

    NUMBER UNO: so basically quarantine started 2 days ago I think and I've basically done nothing. Haven't left my room....tried to breath a lot less...basically nothing changed :///)(/

    NUMBER DOS: sleep

    NUMBER TREES: i forgot that I existed multiple times

    NUMBER four: drowning myself in memes instead of meths or maths B)

    NUMBER prediction: i have no idea and I don't care that much let the world burn my room is pretty cold....

    NUMBER NUMBER: this isn't very important but I've been trying to watch shows cuz im not very good at that and I don't know why but ive decided to stick with movies and such and whatever why am I still typing this bullshit I'm sorry

    WHAT: i think I was gunna put some meme here but meh.

    NUMBER PEOPLE: sir taggie wherever you are <3,

    ight this is edit I just remembered I did this I just wanna say I'm literally brain dead so don't @ me you slimey hoes

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    eyy nice thread! also thanks for the tag @Scottish lol
    okay, so...

    1. i'm actually really enjoying this whole lockdown situation. it's now socially acceptable to avoid being around other people, which is just awesome!
    2. covidiot/coronasshole are both great expressions, i approve.
    3. yes, music! also reading books is fun! and sleeping!
    4. i predict there's gonna be a baby boom AND a surge in divorces. some people are gonna be like "welp, i'm bored. time to bonk" and others are like "uh oh, i just realized that you kinda suck".
      also, the world economy is probably going to crash and collapse :/

    oh oops, almost forgot to tag people. @Thales_BG, @Lurker, @sup, @TheRisingSun, @antoinette, time to speak up~

  • MORBHEAD Global Veteran SPARTAN

    This post is deleted!

  • @Bela-Hella said in Shine in Quarantine 不:

    Here are the list of my achievements in insolation period..

    I challenge some of my darlins to right down their great dilemmas not particulary my way but anything that you like to rant and tag atleast 3-5 friends to continue this craziness coz bycovid 19..

      1. Sun exposure
      1. Succeeding to be lazy as per CDC/FDA wishes
      1. Free time to give attention to side projects in music.
      1. Gaining knowledge and familiarity of the more extreme extensive jazz theory for future application as well as learning there is a whole world of theoretical possibilities in music I had not known of; such as: Irrational Time Signatures, Hypermeter, Polytonality, Negative Time Signatures, etc. Thanks, Adam Neely.
      1. Beginning to memorize chess openings and improving end game tactics thanks to Eric Rosen, Ben Finegold, and Magnus Carlsen.
        (Halloween Gambit is hilarious)

    I'll tag these users: @H4rd4ndhorny @WtfJudith @TalkWithStranger

  • @Bela-Hella
    Im probably one of the happiest persons in this Quarantine period as the day I trained for my whole life.. is here-

    1. I have a whole football ground to myself, so I go and practice everyday, alone....ofcourse.
    2. I have a full bucket-list of movies and no matter how much I watch... the bucket is still full which gives me about 3-4 movies to watch everyday, which is a bliss
    3. Ive been reading books and new concepts along with conspiracy theories too.. which may result into an enhanced vocabulory.
    4. My prediction is that this will be the start of war for our generation... the Apocalypse is here. Im repping up my body and learning some fighting skills. Might come handy!

    Thats pretty much it. Oh.. in case they wish to utilise their freedom of speech, I humbly request the two masters of literary skills & theories- @Rupin and @Pamela to do the honors.

  • @Rupin
    Nah, I was hoping youll bail me out of this situation with your witty wisdom and viscious verminous vernacular verses.

  • Sarah's Fan Club PM MORBHEAD

    @Indrid-Cold and 1 mozy aint a he or a him nOR DO I HAVE PANIS N TESTICLES sorry to disappoint you i have

    and i said dont @ me you hoe


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    @nightshifter said in Shine in Quarantine 不:

    @spaceboy - come pick us up Spaceboy! Let the earth self destruct. @TheRisingSun and the rest of can go on a space adventure with you.


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    @Scottish I like the coronasshole, and you miss 3/4 of your life coz you dont know how to upload, I like to teach you but you might dont get it twice in a row, hope sara has all the patience haha..

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    @Putragis When I read Apocalypse - zombies pop out in my imagination hope this is not cabin fever or worst

  • Sarah's Fan Club PM MORBHEAD

    @Scottish wait- Me?!

    Ightight kk yeahyeah

  • MORBHEAD Global Veteran SPARTAN

    @Putragis This is a joke, right?

  • @Bela-Hella
    You never know... Its a virus! It might turn human into zombies Your shooting skills can finally be put to use

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    @Putragis We can be shooting buddies aslong its the walkers only, I dont have the ability to shoot and run in full sprintz if we battle up the runners..

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