• My parents abuse me and i cant take the pain anymore and no one wants to help me so im planning on ending it tomorrow unless someone convinces me otherwise.

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    @girltochat I grew up with abuse as well. There’s no need to kill yourself. I’ve been there sitting on the razors edge both figuratively and literally. But I want to tell you this and it may be a bit selfish and petty but if you off yourself they win. They don’t deserve the easy win. You win for every second you push on. And for every happy moment you can find you win again. Think about it.

    As for pain I understand that at times it hurts so much that you just want the pain to stop. Find an outlet writing drawing singing dancing playing an instrument talking to someone something anything. You can live with with pain. Pain says you’re alive. Pain says you can feel. As long as you can both feel and are alive you have hope. Please remember that.

    And hey you can dm me anytime to talk

  • @girltochat you don't have to do that because there is someone who truly trust and believe in you, He cares so much about, He is ready to bear your burdens, He want you to lean on.

    He want you to come to Him, Jesus Christ died for to live, He as paid all the price for sin. If you will come to Him, He will give you your desure Rest. Jesus Christ LOVE you. Don't Give up now

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    Look at all of the responses you've gotten already!
    Obviously, these strangers on the internet care about you,
    There is some positivity out there for you, I promise ❤

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    @girltochat I apologize for stepping away from the main issue here but this needs to be addressed. @ISAAC-KELLER please look at the topic of this post. In what way do you think it appropriate to pop in and ask for people to follow you. This is someone’s cry for fucking help and all you can do is pop in and ask for followers. What kind of shallow self absorbed person are you? Please pay attention to what posts are about. Something serious like this if you have nothing to offer then leave. You want friends make your own topic and ask for that their. Or you know something not serious plenty of topics to pick from. So pay attention and u some sense and if you’re unsure just leave that topic. Thank you. @girltochat again I apologize for leaving your needs

  • @girltochat I tried to Commit Suicide on 31st March...I understand the pain..you can talk with me....I hope I will help you..I am in Depression so maybe we can relate our things....

  • @girltochat i was on the verge of comitting suicide a year ago when post malone dropped his album but his music saved my life

  • @Rose-Wolf im ok, it failed:(

  • @girltochat See there are so many people out here wishing you not to commit a suicide. I too pray God that he gives you a better life and a meaning to your survival. We might all appear strangers here but you shouldn't forget that we came here for a definite purpose. Somehow, we all believe in the humanity and we must have been here to support its existence. Please be kind to yourself. You should consider yourself to be a plant that has survived great battles and has won each of them without its own knowledge. It's time you know that you have been victorious. It's time for you to use this knowledge for turning yourself into a beautiful flowering plant. Most of us have been through great pains at some point of our lives but we've survived them for creating a better tomorrow for ourselves. Be one among us. Be a great warrior. Inspire us with your courage to fight back.

  • @ISAAC-KELLER you're not that smart right?

  • @girltochat let me tell you something,I cut myself every night and day I'm numb to it, I'm worthless,my priority is other people's happiness, I have been bullied for 9yrs,I cry a lot,I have nightmares a lot, I'm not that smart,no one knows, your life isn't bad, don't take your life, I feel your pain. I am diagnosed with a disorders borderline personality disorder, I care too much... please don't take your life, you have a bright future ahead of you,there are so many times I have bought poison to kill myself, but it didn't work, I won't take my life, also you don't take your life,pray and everything will be alright,take this from someone that has not been happy for more than 9years

  • This is just a roughtime you need to bypass. Remember tough times dont last tough people do. You made it this far why give up now

  • @girltochat I'm so sorry you're going through so much. No doubt you are hurting bad and feel like there's no happy way out of this. I won't pretend to know exactly what you're going through. But I know your pain is real. When I tried to commit suicide I really wanted to die. I'm happy now that I didn't succeed. There are people here as well as near you who will help. Please don't make an irreversible decision when so many will gladly help you.

    You dont need to know how to get help. All you need to do is reach out and accept it. PM me or email me and I'll do everything in my power to assist you.

    You've survived this long. You can make it a little while longer until help arrives.

  • @girltochat That's dumb dont do that.

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    @girltochat Heyy come let's chat. I'm sure I can help, I grew up in kinda similar environment, with insults, threats, beatens, getting my head bitten off n all that. Come let's talk, plz don't go commit suicide it's not gonna help you. I know that for a fact

  • @girltochat Hey, don't do that.

    You were able to put up with all of this back before. You got out stronger each time. Surely you don't wanna throw all that effort for nothing.

    Look at your strength. You did a lot to build that. Don't just ignore it. Acknowledge it.

    Keep pushing on for life, the future never said it didn't need you in it, right?

  • @girltochat please before u do anything consider speaking to every person here including me. If u truly say u wish to be given a reason not to do it u must hear us out individually. To do this u must pm everyone who responded and speak with them individually starting with @Samir770 who had a bad day not to long ago... or @ClaireSheppard or myself who have been on the edge... but do not write yourself off yet... pm any of us... as clair already said u can't let them win. U matter. U have value. We care.

  • i dont think shes coming back to this but i pray shes ok 😢 😢

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    @Still_kicking i just want to be her friend

  • @ISAAC-KELLER no hard feelings but I think you're kind of a nuisance

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