• @ClaireSheppard thanks lol u are pretty great yourself girl!

  • @Still_kicking said in My absence is because:

    @wet-teri a few ppl think u wrote that about me cause u tagged me specifically... i got a few msgs about it... i would be very flattered if it were as it is beautiful but im sorry to disappoint everyone as it is not...

    I never want to feel sorrow when I think of you. After reading your first reply to me I wanted to know more about you. You seem to be such an intelligent and caring person. In my persona I find that to be beautiful.

    Beauty attracts me.
    Intelligence solidifies my contact causing it to grow stronger with every level of intensity and depth our subjects contain.
    Caring simply causes me to love you.

    Combined all three are a dangerous combination. They create and intriguing and intoxicating relationship that begs to be explored and instills upon me the desire to explore it.
    If I were to possess a few more facts and gain some more knowledge truly it is possible I might love you with all of my heart give you my body if I were to do so my soul would already be yours.
    And I have to say right now this very second my mind and my heart are attracted to you like no other on the planet and I'm craving knowledge and wisdom. You see to me you are wonderful you are a bright light in a dark room flashing many colors the rainbow so beautiful I cannot help but stare into the light and become mesmerized by your beauty.
    I think that I must be intoxicated by your presence. Emotionally and physically I desire you. I want you. I need you. I must have you.
    Psychologically. My psyche is lonely and wants the company.
    My mind screams runaway as fast as you can it's as if some primal instinct is warning me this could be fatal. The parts of me that make my decisions for me refuse to let me move. Left alone being human I will act on my cravings and seek what I desire, no matter what the consequences are the outcome.
    I can only give you my all and nothing more I will, if you so desire...

  • @wet-teri Teri you are such a beautiful soul, if only more people were like you the world would be a better and happier place ❤

  • @wet-teri that was very sweet teri but my heart and soul are unfortunately bound to one who does not choose me in return. I know your pain and emptiness as i too have been left by who i thought to be the one... although i cannot fill the need you have i hope we can be friends.

  • @Still_kicking
    I happily accept your offer of friendship. I am also thankful that you did not use the word never denying me your love and devotion.
    I am a very patient and persistent man. I could bring flowers and handwritten poetry professing my Love and desire to be part of your life for years upon end and never grow weary as long as there were hope for us.

    Just like any other neither of us knows what tomorrow will bring however if we do not know one another we will never fall in love with each other therefore I happily accept your offer.
    I would like to sincerely and humbly thank you 4 too many things to mention but right this second he opportunity to become part of your life and share thoughts and emotions with each other I hope I can live up to any expectations you might have me and I also hope that my presence in your life will bring you happiness and never sorrow or pain.

  • I just dropped by for my daily dose of heartache.

  • @wet-teri hey teri... u have been very sweet with ur words... i am very lucky to begin a new and long friendship with u... i consider myself fortunate to have an opportunity to have such an open outgoing individual such as u in my life.

  • @wet-teri well it's good to see you around brother, you've been in my thoughts Teri, i hope you are gaining clarity and fighting through the shit times to the inevitable good ones that shall follow. My man, you've lived your life, YOU KNOW that light follows dark as much as the other way round, be strong and keep the faith bro ❤

  • @Still_kicking
    I guess it probably says a lot about my fortitude and commitment. It really does take every bit of effort that I can summon up to come here and bare through the heartache to find nuggets of gold such as yourself.

    In fact there's a good probability and if you hadn't posted that but I might not have made it back to the site ever again. Truthfully I only stopped to check and see if maybe just maybe somebody loved me. I feel like a drowning man clutching at straws as my soul slowly disintegrates from lack of? I don't know what don't know what to call it companionship. A true friend. An intimate relationship where there is a mutual transfer of love..
    I persevere. Stubborn as a mule I'm hard-headed and refused to give up. I don't know the word quit but I don't know how much longer I can go on this way

  • @wet-teri companionship.... that is whats missing in a world of sex and violence... teri i hear u. And u have many friends on here that miss u when ur gone and speak very highly of u. I am just getting to know u but i see a soft caring person who wants to be loved for who he is.... nothing wrong with that.... stay... we would miss u if u left.