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    Just kiddiiiinggggg.
    Now that I have you attention, make sure you actually read this whole post.

    How to protect yourself from COVID-19 (Human Coronavirus)

    1. Wash your hands.
    This is probably the most obvious one, and can be helpful for any type of illness. Hand sanitizer works as well, however, washing your hands literally washes off all the germs, and is preferred. Hand sanitizer kills it, but, they won’t wash it off, and there is a possibility of some of the germs still being alive. Wash your hands for AT LEAST 20 SECONDS (40 seconds is preferred). If you don’t like to sing “twinkle twinkle little star,” or “the ABC’s” twice, you can use http://washyourlyrics.com/ :)).

    2. Stay home.
    I know that social distancing is hard. I’m losing my mind already, and it’s only been three days. However, we need to stay home. If someone with coronavirus coughs on us on accident, and we don’t realize, we are at an extremely high risk for getting it. We can go outside for walks, runs, etc. BUT, we need to stay at least 6 feet away from people. Don’t go to gyms, restaurants, bars, etc. Don’t even go to the emergency room, UNLESS IT IS AN ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY, AND YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE. Don’t even go to school. Studies are now showing that young people can get a very serious version of this illness, and we are ALSO carriers.

    3. Drink water.
    Yes, I realize that studies are showing that drinking water will not help to ‘flush out’ this virus, however, water will still help your immune system to get stronger. Hopefully, you won’t get such a serious case of Coronavirus, if you drink water. Water is also good for your other systems, so the coronavirus will not completely kill you with it’s symptoms.

    4. No gatherings.
    In some countries, they’re saying that you can’t have gatherings of over 50 people. However, for folks in the US, we can’t have gatherings of over 10 people. If one person is infected with it, and you don’t know, because of the two week incubation period, half the people at your gathering will MOST LIKELY get this illness. Be careful, and don’t have people at your house. Don’t go to other people’s houses either.

    5. Masks.
    Try to get some masks. I don’t have any masks, because they’re all sold out, and amazon won’t deliver. However, there are tutorials on YouTube to make homemade masks. Masks should only be worn if you are healthy. It can save masks for people who truly need it, and are actually sick. Leave soap and hand sanitizer for other people, as it can still spread if OTHER PEOPLE DON’T GET SOAP AND HAND SANITIZER. Only take enough soap and hand sanitizer to last you for a little bit, and make sure that there is still some in stock, for other people. Stay 6 feet away from people, as that is the minimum distance of contracting coronavirus.

    6. Stock up now.
    Go to the grocery store NOW, and stock up for the next few weeks. There are some cities in the US that are under a curfew. If you want to live during this curfew, I suggest that you go to the grocery store before it gets worse, and get some groceries done. At least, so it can last you for the next few weeks. I know that there’s almost nothing in stock now, but take what you can get. Make sure that you get emergency things that are easy to cook. Like instant ramen. This will be helpful if your country goes on a lockdown, and you need something to eat, to survive.

    7. Practice good hygiene.
    Again, wash your hands, take showers, brush your teeth, etc. We are practically in a war with a disease right now, and we need to do anything possible to beat it. This pandemic won’t stop unless we do something, and that is to practice good hygiene. This brings me back to the topic about LEAVING SOAP, HAND SANITIZER, TOILET PAPER, PADS, TAMPONS, ETC FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

    8. What to do if someone in your household has it.
    Stay home. As long as you aren’t around the person, you should be fine. Just put the infected person in a room, and stay away. There should only be one caretaker, and the sick person, AND the caretaker should be wearing a mask. If the sick person is having breathing difficulties with the mask, make sure that, at least, the caretaker is wearing protective clothing.

    9. What to do if YOU have coronavirus.
    If you think that you have coronavirus, and have symptoms, call your doctor immediately. Stay away from public transportation, stay home, and stay in touch with your doctor. Limit contact with pets and animals, because they carry lots of germs and are carriers of coronavirus. They can ALSO get the virus, so make sure that they’re healthy as well.

    10. Keep surfaces clean.
    When you go shopping at the grocery store, make sure you buy disinfectant wipes, such as Lysol or Clorox. Germs on surfaces can enter your body, so you should kill them on your surfaces, before you get sick. We can end this pandemic if we clean our surfaces, and not have gatherings, so the germs on the surfaces don’t get to anyone in the gathering.

    More important tips and [debunked] myths:

    -Yes, kids can get it. Kids across the world are getting serious cases of COVID-19 now.

    -In World War 2, our elders were FIGHTING to save our lives. Now we’re being asked to sit on the couch to save their lives. We can do this.

    -DON’T TRAVEL ABROAD. FLIGHTS ARE THE WORST PLACE TO BE AT THE MOMENT. Flights are in a closed space, with people coming from all over the world. Don’t be in flights.

    -DON’T GO TO MOVIE THEATERS. Movie theaters are in a closed spot, and if anyone coughs, and the fluid lands on a surface that’s close to you, and you end up touching it, you could get corona. Stay away from movie theaters.

    -Masks DO, in fact, help. Coronavirus spreads when you cough on someone, or your mouth fluids get on someone. Masks capture the droplets, so you won’t cough on anyone, and you won’t get corona. Even if you don’t believe this, there’s no harm in wearing a mask, just to be safe.

    Stay healthy and safe, cuties.


    1. Masks.

    Masks do not help like at all , THO if you have a hazmat suit then you are pretty safe 😉



    Can wearing a medical face mask protect you against the new coronavirus? It's a question many people are asking, including pet owners who are putting canine face masks on their dogs.

    If it's a regular surgical face mask, the answer is no, Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, told Live Science.

    A more specialized mask, known as an N95 respirator, can protect against the new coronavirus, also called SARS-CoV-2.

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    Wearing a face mask is certainly not an iron-clad guarantee that you won’t get sick – viruses can also transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as aerosols, can penetrate masks. However, masks are effective at capturing droplets, which is a main transmission route of coronavirus, and some studies have estimated a roughly fivefold protection versus no barrier alone (although others have found lower levels of effectiveness).
    If you are likely to be in close contact with someone infected, a mask cuts the chance of the disease being passed on. If you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus, or have been diagnosed, wearing a mask can also protect others. So masks are crucial for health and social care workers looking after patients and are also recommended for family members who need to care for someone who is ill – ideally both the patient and carer should have a mask.
    However, masks will probably make little difference if you’re just walking around town or taking a bus so there is no need to bulk-buy a huge supply.



    but there’s no guarantee that you won’t.

    Every little detail matters 😘

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    @Shadow But people are willing to take every little chance at this point. Even if there’s a .001% chance that you’ll survive, I’ll take it lmao.

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    @Shadow They do. It helps the germs not get in through your mouth. Your mouth is one of the biggest contractors of this illness.

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    That’s exactly what I said. It will help to protect you from people that are sick, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t.

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    How many M&Ms 👏 does my Mommy has to mash 👏 until I can stop 👏 washing my hands👏

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    Please note that masks are specifically designed to prevent transmission of COVID and not reception.
    If you wear a mask believing you're safe, youre only hurting nurses and others that are sick.

    Masks are made to prevent others from spreading the disease,

    Dont steal from the sick.

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    @Quatre Sorry! Just clarifying, didnt realize. It's just far too many dont understand lol. Thanks for letting me know

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    @Equinox Noo ur fineee

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    Holy mother of...why was I never introduced to your bio? It's honestly amazing and I thank you for such beauty. Keep it growing!

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    @Equinox Lmaooo I lowkey hate it and I think it’s cringey asf

  • @Quatre
    If u don't have mask use a big handkerchief like a gangsta xD. Or scarf or muffler

  • @Quatre Yeah but I had my hopes up because I thought you finally got shawn mendes and I was gonna make a joke 😂

  • 🤨🧐 Babies for Corona Awareness

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    don't worry kat i am staying at home but i am throwing sometimes some parties and sleepovers! I feel always dizzy I don't know it's alcohol or corona virus effect 😂

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