• I kind of like this guy that’s almost 10 years older than me but does he just see me as a kid?

  • I have just come out of a series relationship with an older man. He loved me with all his heart and even proposed me. It was then I felt like I don't know What I truly feel about him. I loved him but about marrying I wasn't sure. I knew I had to stop before my family and dad to marry him and I wasn't sure how much It costs for me. We were perfect with eachother but I had one problem. And this happens with older guys all time. I was interested in some stuff because of my age that he wasn't. He looked more seriously in stuff and didn't get excited about things I would. Like I loved to just go to an amusement park!!!! While he felt It's boring and no fun. I had the best time with him and there's still chance we get back together.

    My suggestion is giving chance to older ones. Age is not a very big deal.

  • Anything below 40 years is fine, I love older men.

  • @mikeJB yeah age doesnt matter, no i havent dated an older man but i would love to. I mean even if the girl is developed and not too young there isnt a problem with having sex either imo

  • @mikeJB yeah i completely agree with you, age shouldnt stop love lol

  • @Ashley546 said in how much is too much regarding age gaps in relationships?:

    im 15 lol

    Ashley, sorry to burst in, but why haven't you asked anybody of your family about this?
    You ARE minor, has "he" asked you not to talk to anybody of your entourage?
    At LEAST, at the very LEAST, tell somebody who is an adult about this, it can be a teacher if you don't feel comfortable with your family, BUT tell an adult about it, I do not know, some figure who can at least check this "man" out.

    You are FIFTEEN, you say your "relationship" is with someone who is over many years over your own age.
    And you say you haven't spoken of this with anybody in your family.
    Next thing, you will find yourself in some rotten place in other country.
    Better to be scared, than sorry.
    If it was up to me, I'd denounce the bastard immediately. I know not in which country you are, and I know some costumes differ, and arranged marriages and such are often perpetrated in those ages, and even lesser ones, but still, you claim to be 15. And, for the look of what you write, "he" is older than eighteen, and by a long shot.
    If it is "he" whom advised you, or even simply Tried to insInuate to "keep this between yourselves", YOU MUST contact your family AND the Police IMMEDIATELY.

  • @abw422 with out knowing all the details its hard to make a judgement but I will say this. If he sees you as a "kid" then, they are most likely a pedo and you need to get out of it. If anyone sees you as a child in a relationship its not healthy no matter how large or small the age gap is.

  • I have dated with age gap before and all i have to say to that is, what ever you are ok with in the end is what matters. Relationships are not easy and hell me being trans makes them even harder but just take things one step at a time

  • Age is fairly low on the list.. unless it breaks any laws. But more importantly, how’s your connection? Let him see you and you’ll know soon enough if he also thinks there’s something between you that draws you to each other. Good luck.

  • age to me is not that big a deal i "dated" a 14? yr old when i was 20 and when i was 16 i had a fling with a 35? yr old woman. age didnt bother me because it wasnt all sex on my mind. i will chat with anyone and have a friendship with anyone. pedos only come into play when you dont care about friendship. it is ONLY sex. i dont look at young girls as fuck toys. but i can have no issue hanging out with one simply because i relate more to their world than i do mine. i almost feel like a mentor and i try my best to help them lead a good life if they are not at the time. but just stop it with this damn pedo shit. not every guy who dates a younger girl wants her ass. he might actually feel more comfortable with her surroundings, like music and so on. pedos want SEX/POWER/CONTROL/ETC . i could nto be like that even if i wanted to be. dont have it in me. but i have always beleived a older guy and young girl can still work with 2 things in place. you MUST have at LEAST 1 THING IN COMMON and you MUST SET UP BOUNDARIES AHEAD OF TIME. age is a society thing. just my take

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    @Ashley546 but how old are you ? cause if you are 25 or 13 it changes haha

  • im 15 lol

  • Gamers Soul Searchers

    @Ashley546 oh damn, pretty open minded

  • good thing or bad thing?

  • As long as both characters work well with each other i dont mind older or younger guys, as long as we are in the legal range of course.

  • Wisdom, experience and mentality (for most) are going to be huge gaps... bigger than age even. Intellectual capacity and intelligence are pretty crucial for relationships. You or they will be greatly activated by that gap as well as maturity. Then there's the issue of common ground and compatibility. Long as ya ain't chatting up a paedophile ya may have a small chance...

  • @abw422 if it feels right and it's legal then it probably is right. My girlfriend is 18 years younger than me and it's not something either of us think about. We just get along really good, relate to each other and want the same things. My previous partner was ten years younger and it was the same situation. Age is way down the list of considerations

  • @Scottish YES,some people wouldn't consider age but some really stress [email protected] There is good chance he may just consider you as kid,but I hope it isn't like that.🙂

  • ..... hmmm ...... If the highest common factor is more than 10 ....... it's gone too far ya know looool

  • @Heathertg If I got that vibe I would’ve moped right tf outta there 😅 it’s more like, I don’t wanna look stupid and put myself out there if he’s just gonna think I’m immature bc of my age or something. I get this isn’t the best place to ask about this but I’m dont want to ask my friends or anyone I personally know bc of the whole age thing

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