How aware are you... How much does realty concern you and just how much... Has it trapped you.

  • Im bored not much to do so what i want is to find the people like me....the ones who think about the things in this world that create perspective and then divides those perspectives. The things that hove so many guesses but no solid answers....i want to find the people who think... If ur a thinker talk to me...i dont really care what you want to talk about as long as you say somthing that that will make me beleive your not like most of these people who are kinda just here and exist for no particular reason. Show me you have a conscience that wants somthing more but u just cant find it yet...that u are here but you dont quite know why or where to start.

  • So, something existentialist? What's the point of consciousness if we are governed by the universe? I'd rather be a pointless person. But I guess it depends on the person.

  • @strawberixxx its not as if u have to break the rules of the system of the universe to be special...but there are certain emotions certain ideals and to some extent some what of an open kind or willingness to amit that what you might beleive is wrong to push ur self in the right direction...and beleive me there is a lot of space in the universe to fuck no pressure if you happen to be in another direction then just means what iv learned could be massivly different...wich is why im looking for people like me to talk an asian person probably once said the "the same road can hold many paths....i eana know what path others have taken

  • @omnimax I think you would appreciate the book Notes from Underground, it's this dude who is in the same predicament

  • @omnimax Does anything "create perspective" - another one of all abstract concepts? No perspectives, no divisions. Unfortunately, our finite minds can't exist in this world without "perspective". The idea of perspective begins at least when we're born. From birth, all our senses bring the world into our minds. Our minds create the "human reality" for us. It must happen, or we wouldn't have the ability to discern. No solid answers exist, because there is no ideal. We are products of evolution. As such, we are limited by it, as is all intelligence throughout the universe. Nobody exists for any particular reason other than that-or-those reasons they create. Nothing is given. What reason(s) have you created for your own life?

  • What is your definition of being conscious/special, then?

  • @strawberixxx im not to sure to be honest....i guess i say that in the aspect that when i look at other people i tend to feel separate from them.... As if most people are just kinda living and accepting a almost less then content as if no ones really will to change things or even try and then theres me who would love to do something but again....not to sure where to start....i question things...everything and its like i can see im sitting in a metaphorical bubble like everyone else and id pop that bubble but like everyone else i stay....because i know if i leave the bubble know ones gana be brave enough to join...and then what...not im just a person looking at drones...who i guess in a since could at any point be in My posision....but are just to controled by the fear of failur....its a cruel circle or hypocrisy on my part but my fear isnt failur its being alone in an idea that everyone wants

  • @strawberixxx IS there a point to consciousness? The only one I've found is evolution, the driving force that makes its offspring want to live. For me, I feel creativity and manifest it in my own way, but most of the time I live in angst and nihilism. The gist of your post is, What is the meaning of life? - the ongoing biggest philosophical question of all.

  • @timebetweentime the reasons i live are for my morals and beleifs apart from that i dont live for anyone or a since you could say reasoning is precisely why i am alive. Most of my life iv spent trying to learn about life as much as possible as you said. My biggest fear is not existing or not existing as i am. Because of this iv developed a peak interest in things like religions, theorys, space and people particularly the way people learn and end up viewing the world.

  • @timebetweentime So, for you the point of consciousness is evolution and reproduction? What is the definition of consciousness?

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