• so i met this person on some amino app. that particular person is so kind and cute, aghh. im a straight female, fyi.

    but then i figured out that it was a she. she told everyone she was a boy because she said that it was easier because 'she's a tomboy'. i knew from her friend.

    i had a huUuge crush on her though. we shipped each other (because our usernames has a ship lmao long story).

    now i dont know what to dooooo. should i confess? or should i just let it pass?

  • @k-taetae confess. You will carry that burden until you confess.
    congrats. you're bisexual now.

    Don't be afraid to show your feelings. There are a lot of fishes in the sea anyway. If she rejects you, then look for another better fish.

  • flip a coin, let the coin decide