• Hi I'm new here and I have a question but need to give a bit of back story. For the last 20+ years my neighbours have been both physically and verbally abuseve to me and my family I can't afford to move but thay are tenants and there landlord refuse to do eneything and I have attempted suicide on meny occasions due to incident involving them and the reason that I recve daly abuse from them is due to me reporting them for shouting swering and shaking my son repeatedly who was then 5 then doing same thing to my other 2 children . I get called names on daily basis and on the odd occasions have been threatened with being stabed or having an axe put in my head the police say thay can't do eneything and I'm at a loss . My question is am I the one in the wrong by wanting to have a peaceful life feel safe in my home and feel that I'm not upsetting or causing problems for my neighbours by being in my garden or opening my windows to let fresh air in as when I do the name calling and threats start and accusations that I'm spying on them even though thay are the ones with camers pointing into my property. The rest of my neighbours are really nice and we help each other out and all have had problems with them but won't speak up about the abuse thay have received as have seen what I'm going through and continue to allow them to walk allover them . When I have contacted police and there land lord thay won't do eneything as its just name calling and thay haven't acted out there threats of causing harm to me and according to police I have to have been actually stabed for them to step in as a threats are not an action. Please help eney advise please.

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    If there's any chance in the future they're being so respectful. Just scream ALLAHU AKBAR.

  • @Cold-Sun I would love to take a swing at them even considered behaving the same as them but if I did I be the one in the wrong and more than likely be arrested .and there is no talking to them there isn't a brain cell between them and always get things there way I had to rehome my 2 cats because I couldn't control them and stop them going in there garden. And a health and safety report for my pond incase one of her kid's fell in ( pond in a secure back garden)

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    @timid Can you perfectly swing a thunder cookie, or have it takes legitfully swinging one??不不不 It solves many problems.

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    @timid You not gossiping about the abuse to other neighbors in the complex is absolutely good decision. I also accept there're some definite don'ts when it comes to handling life with such supercalafragilisticexpealidocious mud flups but please....... just try your luck eh? Not even a gentle swing? doesn't hurt that much. Bruh I'd discipline a _______不不不. Besides, you talked to police about it so they have in mind anything bad can happen so why arrest only ue??

  • I would suggest leaving as soon as you can. If the police cannot assist you and fighting back is not an option the only alternative is to retreat.

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    Didn't even finish reading this, where is this? How can you sit by for so long? Shaking your 5 year old?!!!! Beat them to death! Wtf

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