• I was listening to some podcasts during my college and work breaks about gender equality; boys vs girls (or “GURLS” like Gru!) rights and all that. I don’t remember much about what the instructors said, but I did pick up on and started really thinking about what one MRA stated about girl’s and boys adolescence.
    He briefly explained that girls—when our bodies start developing our attributes—begin to realize the attractive power our bodies have over men, and we pretty much learn how to cope with it.
    Men, on the other hand, are conditioned by society that only through their hard work and financial gain will they begin to experience a similar kind of attractive power on women. I’m not really sure about that, but it sounds right.

    So that got me thinking: women hold power over men because of our physical beauty, men hold power over women and other men because of their financial security. Which is worse?

    Women are naturally born with our attractiveness, but it all depends on if society deems you attractive; also our beauty eventually leaves us.
    Men can go their whole lives being unattractive to women if they’re poor and lower class, but they can always find a way to make money.

    Am I just rambling? Do you get my question?

  • @Nia-Rox
    Men are superior. Just look at Trump. King Donald alone proves males are a generation of fucking legends. Prove me wrong.

  • @Nia-Rox I understand. I think that is at least part of the reason gender roles used to be so well defined, in the recent past. These days, those roles aren't the same and can even be "fluid", as some consider gender to be. Maybe I'm an old soul, or old fashioned with certain ideas, but I think things were better when we had limited gender identities and roles. By limited I mean TWO. Males, and Females. We all have qualities that can either work for or against us, whether as men or women. As far as "worse off" I think neither is. Also, in many ways we're all Better Off, too, just in different ways. Just one man's opinion. :)

  • Now y'see, @Vlad20 notwithstanding, probably don't worry about it one way or another. Our society, our economic and aesthetic tastes are flawed, m8.

  • mailbox 100%

  • Its worse if either were given the "silver spoon"

    But in a male dominant world (still is by the way), they make most of the stereotypes, rules, and whatever government in power. It goes along with businesses supporting those guys who run. Boys are taught to be financially independent because no one will take care of them. So in general they have to be able to support themselves first before raising a family. Not all boys can manage their wallet, the amount of money they make depends solely on their skill sets...not so much looks.

    With girls in society, there is too much social media conflicting with their "ideals" portrayed differently than who they are individually. Girsl have a lot to work with same as their boy counterparts, but it shouldn't be unfair.

    Gender roles are changing now than before like in the 60's. There is too much taboo about what each person thinks, when really we have to cooperate

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Donald is the man and I can even relate myself to him, we are similar in a way-we both like fucking mexican asses.

  • @Vlad20 He built a wall specifically to get a better vantage of them Mexican asses. That's forward planning.

  • @Indrid-Cold
    He is a world’s treasure and one of a kind. Placing tariffs on chinese products is another example of his forward thinking. He knew coronavirus is coming and protected his people from stuff coming from china. I wish I was American, just so I could say...I share the same homeland with super Donald!

  • @Vlad20 Seriously, I agree with you. It's like, he could have won the election just by his working class non-partisan vibe, but on top of that, he's GDP-orientated, and has solid business plans. It's like my dad said today: he might do stupid stuff now and again, but you still love him.

  • I think it evens out, most women if they're smart will make the most of their physical attributes while they have them to secure their future. And most guys don't become financially secure before their mid 30s so It's balanced

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    @Nia-Rox Um.. Not to raise any questions as such.. But do ya really wanna be defined by a society which seems to be way stereotype in its ways...or give urself a chance of defining urself??
    N.. Just to answer ur question.. None of them are better than the other.. It's just ur choice to see which one suits ur definition. N...well the world is slowly evolving in its ideas.. Soo let's just wait n help it spread 😇😇