Injustice 2 movie

  • I know these are from video games, but look is awesome when the clips been put together...

    And i advice u all to watch it.

    u will LIKE IT 🥰🥰

  • Music Lovers

    Yeah these are. I have seen them all put together like a movie, but because every scene has two endings, it is hard to follow, cause they will show both endings. And then, the story follows differently. Most have the happy endings, and at the very end of the game, will show the two or many versions, but still worth watching.

  • @AXES_ yups true true, but there scene so sad when harley been stabbed by wonder woman uhgggg

  • Music Lovers

    yeah, but don't forget, that is not our quantum, that is another quantum on the 52 universe. So, hehe, supergirl here is good, while, real supergirl in our quantum is actually bad.. and matrix is also cloning supergirl in our realm,, omg, talk about mix ups that are gonna fail... yikes

  • @AXES_ hahahah yeah really bad to notice that 😄 , glad u know it too jake 🙂

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