I want to lose weight is there anyone educated to teach me what I should do?

  • Hi I wanna lose some weight so If someone in here are educated in it please give some tips ☺️

  • @Rikke-b loosing weight is in all seriousness not that hard, simply increase your daily activity and eat slightly less than what your body uses per day :)
    ofc the boring part of that is to try and keep track on what you are eating, how much calories you have eaten and how much you can eat.

    protip, celery uses more calories to be turned into energy than it gives, so eating a lot of celery will make sur you are loosing weight while also not being hungry. but avoid JUST eating one thing, as the body will get malnutrition, meaning the body will start to use materials from less "essential" body parts to keep the more essential ones alive

  • @somthing-orother hehe I will try that 😁

  • @Rikke-b another tip that is semi-simple, dont eat until you are full, but until you are satisfied :)
    by eating more often, when you are hungry (not when you are looking for food because you want to eat something that tastes good) and not until you are completely full, the body goes into a more constant burn of calories that raises the body energy efficiency :)

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  • @Rikke-b pls eat whenever you feel hungry and that means u shouldn't take meal by their time. delaying is not going to harm u. once u have your dinner or lunch or whatever pls take about 15-20 mins then drink water. This is system of eating in our tradition. Pls check on your daily routine past motion. But modern days youths doesn't bother much about it. Pls check your BMI and if its suits you then don't worry about losing weight, just carryon with your normal life. Be happy and my best wishes to u.

    I can give you more tips if u wants to.

    • "How hungry you feel determines how soon you should eat, not how much."
    • Every individual body structure is different, science can only deduce so much.
      Among the more important variables is 'how are you feeling physically, your breathing, ability to move around, etc etc.
      For example, those whom eat junk food often and lack vegetable could potentially feel a lot better by trying different set of food. It's only when we eat terrible things so often that we start to feel as if that's the norm.
      The goal should be to try and put toward effort, the goal should not be some numerical scale such as "I will lose 3 pounds this week".
      Most human endeavors, especially personal ones when taken up correctly will yield promising results eventually.
      With "losing weight", due to the vast variety of physiology and day to day life from one individual to the next, it will varies, and patience is a must. This is certainly a goal in which delayed gratification will set in a long time from the first day.
      Have courage, resist looking the mirror, resist stepping on a scale.

    The overall truth is, just by making simple changes to your day, it will affect your body.

    Even something as seemingly irrelevant such as stress can affect weight tremendously.

    Too many variables to consider, which is why there is no definitive guide to how to lose weight, since losing weight is an effect of another goal. That goal may be to look better, however, to feel better is a better driver.

    Too variable that we may be able to control is our eating habit and just taking a walk a day sometimes.
    Dont' have to walk everyday, start at your own pace. Maybe once or twice a week. Next week, hey, you're out 4 days. who knows. Everyone have their own pace.

    In comparison and to end this long post, any athlete will know that brute force will not triumph. There is much patience in building toward the goal. Starting runners will often only run little the first week, and gradually build to what will finally be the 5k marathon. In no way should they force any progress of that, as it could be detrimental to the body.

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  • Losing weight is a tough stuff to do, I mean, if you want to do it - you need to be really patient.
    Every body is diffirent, and every body needs and lacks something diffirent. And of course it's time consuming too. First, you should try and put all sweet stuff aside (sugar, all the sweets, chips etc) or just try to limit them in days or weeks. You don't need to put them away from day 1,just do it step by step, until you don't need to use sugar for your tee or coffee, and when you don't need to eat single piece of chocolate 😊😉 Of course, there are a lot of diffirent ways for getting sweet stuff in a healthier state, because nowaydays, there are plenty of healthier sugary stuff.
    What is really important - drinking water. You should drink a lot of water, normally, a grown up person should drink about (minimum) 2litres of water. Try to avoid (again) sugary drinks like - Coke, fanta, sprite and other sweet stuff. Pure water is good for your body.

    Training helps to loose weight too. Of course, you're burning your fat, and converting it with muscles. And don't be mad, if you would be earning few pounds (muscles are heavier than fat),but with the time and again, with patience you will achieve your goal.

    What is really, really good to do, is to go to DIETICIAN or NUTRIONIST (I think that's the english name for it), and make some body checks. Sometimes, they will take a sample of your blood, they will analyze it, and they can tell exactly, what your body need, and what doesn't. It's really good way to start, but it's not cheap one.

    That's my opinion, I was training a lot when I was between 16 and 20,and I was by Dietician, and didn't eat sugar, only water to drink, I ate a lot of stuff, mostly cooked meat.
    But as I said, every human body is diffirent, and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to loose weight.

    If you are interested in more you can always send me a message, and we could talk more about it, cause there are a lot of stuff more about loosing weight 😉😊

  • Eat yourself

  • Go vegan haha

  • Their is no true diet.

    Instead practice meditating on a healthy routine. With a routine in mind, it takes planning to get familiar with all kinds of food groups to balance a hearty meal.

    Our bodies as humans also need exercise one way or another. I can't say much, since diet is different for everyone.

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