• It is better to be alone than have a bunch of fake friends around you..
    If you agree or disagree pls state your reason.

  • @xoyee being alone and content with being who you are is far superior to trying to please all your fake friends that exaggerate their life, and forcing you to try to be "one of them"

  • @somthing-orother I couldn't agree more bruh, especially " being content with who you are",...that is key.

  • @xoyee what about you, what do you think?

  • @xoyee I agree.. Not all we know we are friends with are true and will remain true.. So better be alone, sometimes people are like clouds, when they disappear the brighter the day.. hehe

  • For me its not just about what I think but what I have experienced.
    I have over times and situations faced disappointments, rejections and throwback from people I called friends, people who claimed to know me and understand my personality but in the end its all for the show and benefits.
    So I have come to understand and agree that yes indeed, it is way better to be alone and be contented than have fake friends around you. I have also learnt the fact that a lot of people come into your life for their own selfish reasons.

  • @Bela-Hella nice one

  • @xoyee
    That's why, we can talk about people in few parts.
    Fake friends, selfish friends, friends and best friends.
    And between them all, is a great diffirence.

    Fake friends, they're just there when they need something from you. If they need to borrow money, or if they need help with something. They will talk about you all the time, to other poeple behind your back, and with 1 on 1 with you, they will smile.

    Selfish friends, are almost the same. They can manipulate you in certain way. They will do it that good, so you will be helping them at all costs. And they do it only for theirs benefits.

    Friends - casual people, which will ask, how are you doing etc. You can talk to them, and it will be OK. But you need to watch sometimes too.

    Best friends - and those, I have only 4 in my life.
    For them, it doesn't matter if you're rich, or poor, if you're healthy or not. They are for you, and they will help you at all costs. You can talk with them, they won't judge you. If you will make something, they will punch you in the face - for good reason! 😂😊

    We need to choose our "friends" wisely. If you feel from the beginning, that certain person won't be good in your life - don't drag it. Just stop talking, meeting etc with that person.

    To be alone, is never a good thing. It's always nice to talk to someone, go out, have some drink, or just sit in silence if you have a bad day. The worst thing is to be alone. All by yourself.
    And I wouldn't wish to be alone, even to my worst enemy... 😊

  • @Futushim nice write up, seems like you've had the experience with each of these kind of friends. However, I get your point and I understand where you're coming from.
    If you read my post well you'll notice I said "fake friends" not friends.
    The reason I agreed to it in my comment was because I said "fake friends", that doesn't mean I would prefer to be alone than have friends, hope you understand what I mean.
    I personally definitely have friends, as a matter of fact I have just two friends who I can talk with anytime any day and they're not fake.

  • @xoyee Yes, I do understand what you mean, don't worry 😊 Yeah, I've been through a lot of stuff 😉

  • @xoyee true or false doesn't matter at all. we should forward our love to all our friends no matter what and who they are. being alone is not going to help anyone besides its gives more stressful life then ever. I am sure that one day u will find "true" friends as per your saying. Let u be the 1st person to be the true friend to all your friends. May your life be fruitful to everyone including yourself.

    Jai Sri Ram

  • @Bela-Hella Det har varit en lång tid.

  • @John-Smith-a do we know each other? Why its been a long time lol

  • @Bela-Hella yes, we do know each other... Maybe you remember me.

  • @John-Smith-a ofc but the way u respond me in Swedish lol

  • @Bela-Hella perhaps many have spoken to you in Swedish, no?

  • Loneliness is a just a feeling per se, one can be alone and not feel lonely.

    The need for companionship and communication is a constant prevalent within humanity.

    Although, one that feels lonely must have known a great friend once upon of time.
    Rejoice, for in memories, they live on, the friendship intact.
    If not, then they are just sweet wishing for themselves what they perceive to see in others.

    True loneliness is when friendships are real, and they have departed ferried on by death.
    As more days are lived in life, definition of friendship will continuously be redefined.
    As a child, one often cries over lost teddy bears.
    As a teen, one often cries over what loneliness they think they percieve. Which is real for those moment in times.
    As in the later years, one will surely and inevitably knows, what loneliness is.

    It can be a beautiful thing. "Talking to the moon" - Bruno mars
    For without loneliness, how would one ever hope to contrast it with companionship.
    Without loneliness, companionship itself would be misguided and degraded from its true value.

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