• Guys, watch this vid and please tell me how many of these r true

  • @Vanie There are a few of these I'm not comfortable with and some I would say are very true, but to varying degrees they CAN all be true. It really depends upon the guy. They aren't all the same, and whilst 15 or so of these might be true for one guy another might have a similar amount of mostly different ones.

  • @Vanie
    You know what.

  • @Vanie i can tell you this Vanie, number one, if there is.someone you think.of as soon as you wake and before you fall asleep then no flirting with others is required, your heart is already full.of everything it needs. Maybe that's just me but i bet lots of guys feel the same. I just came out of a 5 yr relationship a few months back and i can say i never once flirted with another in that whole time. Had no need, reason or desire to. I think she may have been my once in a lifetime girl though. I was more of a rascal in my younger days